Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zelaya returns to Honduras

Nearly three months after being overthrown by a violent military coup, Honduran president Manuel Zelaya has returned to Honduras. "I am here in Tegucigalpa. I am here for the restoration of democracy, to call for dialogue," he told reporters. The embattled road to his return tested regional diplomacy, challenged Washington and galvanized Honduran social movements.

Another attack upon workers

Latest assault upon working peoples ideology.

The European Union and state govt's have for tha lst numbe of years been attempting to re-write history and to demonise and outlaw communism and communists by equating it with fascism. The Czech and Polish right-wing governments have been to the fore in pushing this and below is the latest development.

Today the Polish parliament accepted the law that prohibits "the production and selling of items that carry communist, fascist or totalitarian messages",under the sanction of max. 2 years of imprisonment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear comrades,

Twenty-six communist and workers’ parties have now signed the joint appeal issued by the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Party of Ireland. We would like to extend our thanks to all those parties that signed and to request other parties that may not yet have signed it to consider doing so.

The statement will be issued to the press and published on Solidnet today. We consider the fact that twenty-six parties have signed the appeal a major expression of solidarity with the Irish people and their struggle to defend the democratic No vote that they gave in June 2008.

The struggle for a second No vote is now at a crucial stage, as the Irish ruling class, supported by the EU Commission, has been engaged in unprecedented bullying of the people to make them vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty. The EU Commission has interfered in the democratic process, using threats as well as promises of money if the people vote Yes.

This expression of solidarity by representatives from throughout Europe, beyond the narrow parameters of the European Union, is a true reflection of internationalism and working-class solidarity.

Eugene McCartan
General Secretary
Communist Party of Ireland

Joint Appeal of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in Europe on the new Irish Referendum

Solidarity with the Irish NO Vote

The rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish people in the referendum that was held last year, as well as the previous rejection of EU Treaties and the EU Constitution by other peoples in several EU member-states, has created great difficulties for the governments and a series of political forces that serve monopolies as well as the EU, this interstate imperialist union that has the interests of great capital as its driving force.

For that reason, refusing to accept the result of the vote of the people, Brussels, with the support of the bourgeois political parties in Ireland, are obliging the Irish people to vote again, hoping that they can be frightened and bullied into changing their decision.

The Lisbon Treaty, like the Maastricht and Nice treaties before it, consolidates and reinforces the EU imperialist strategy in favour of the interests of monopoly capital.

This treaty in particular:

* Reinforces the militaristic character of the EU, enhances the powers of the High Representative for Foreign Policy, and establishes a closer collaboration with NATO and the US.
* Limits the sovereign rights of member-states and recognizes the supremacy of EU law over national law.
* Elaborates new policies for the exploitation of workers and the demolition of labour and social rights, following on from the judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Communities in the Vaxholm, Laval, Ruffert and Luxemburg cases based as they were provisions on previous treaty.
* Abolishes the veto in 50 sectors for the benefit of the powerful countries in the EU, also increasing the relative voting strength of the bigger states.
* Decisively reinforces police and repressive powers at central level and in each member-state separately, in the direction for the creation of a single European policy of internal order and security.
* Strongly restricts and hits individual and people’s political rights and liberties and includes the combat against “radical” ideologies to the existing “anti-terror” package of the EU.
* Reinforces the rapacious and threatening international role of the EU in its dealings with developing countries, dictating terms of trade and economic policy, and opening up their resources to exploitation by European multinational corporations.
* Further undermines the ability of member states to take sovereign independent action on key social, economic and political issues and, hence, any reference of the traditional “Irish policy of neutrality” would be devoid of any practical significance.

The worker’s and people’s forces are now more aware of the fact that the EU has nothing to do with the interests of the peoples. It is a union of unemployment and underemployment, of the abolition of labour and social insurance rights, of the wage and pensions freezes, of the commercialisation of health, social welfare, education and culture. The peoples of Europe have accumulated experience since it has been proved in practice that the EU and its treaties not only constitute any shield against capitalist crisis, but on the contrary, they reinforce the profits of the capital that causes the crisis.

The communist and workers parties of Europe express our solidarity with the Irish people and we urge them once more, to decisively oppose the anti-democratic and anti labour class direction inherent in the EU, to reject EU militarism and the threat to peace and people’s rights it represents. We urge them to defy the EU ultimatums; not to believe the promises for regulations, improvements and “protocols on the respect of rights beyond the treaty” that do not change the reactionary character of the treaty.

We call upon workers across the member states of the EU:

* To show their active solidarity with the Irish people.
* To support them through messages of solidarity and any other form, as this is a common struggle and its result will have an impact upon workers across the EU.

Europe of multinationals has rallied behind the forces of the “yes” vote; we, the communist and workers parties call upon workers to rally and stand in solidarity with the Irish working class and the other popular forces of the country.

We call upon the Irish people to hold their nerve and vote “NO” once more and give the decisive blow that will signal the rejection of the reactionary treaty. This result will pose new obstacles to the attack of EU imperialists and will give a new impetus to the struggles of the working class and the poor popular strata throughout Europe.

The Parties

Communist Party of Belarus
Workers’ Party of Belgium
Communist Workers’ Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Communist Party of Britain
New Communist Party of Britain
Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Denmark
Communist Party of Estonia
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
Communist Party Ireland
Workers’ Party of Ireland
Socialist Party of Latvia
Communist Party of Luxembourg
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Poland
Portuguese Communist Party
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Russian Communist Workers' Party – Revolutionary Party of Communists
Communist Party of Slovakia
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learnign from ALBA and Bank of the South

See below link to excellent article on the ALBA project a living example of regional economic and politic cooperation model not based upon economic exploitation and loss of sovereignty that the EU is.

Short videos on Lisbon Treaty

Below is a link for a number of videos made by the Peoples Movement of Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Abduction in Philipeans

The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the abduction of Noriel Rodriguez in Cagayan by the suspected extra-orbiter elements of the deceitful Arroyo regime.

We think it is severe attack against the freedom of progressive individual that he gets for his decent opinion for justice, equity and people’s welfare.
The whereabouts of Mr. Norial is not yet confirmed since a week.

According to the ANAKBAYAN confirmation a gang of four armed men in civilian clothes abducted him on 7th of September, 2009 are the suspected of Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army stationed at San Jose, Gonzalo.

We demand the government in our strongest term the immediate release of Mr. Noriel and to bear the accountability to punish the culprits behind this atrocity.

We strongly denounce such extra judicial act of the regime that flagrantly violates the human rights and it own law. We appeal to all youth and student organizations around the globe to support the cause raised by our member organization ANAKBAYAN, Philippines by extending the solidarity campaign for immediate release of Mr. Norial.

In solidarity,
WFDY CC HQ/ Budapest, Hungary
15 September 2009.

Fights Back - KKE

Fight back massively and resolutely against anticommunism and all its expressions

We, cadres, members, friends and supporters of Communist and Workers'

Parties elected to parliaments, local authorities, directions of trade unions and mass organizations denounce the attempt to equate the Nazism with Communism through the efforts to proclaim the 23rd of August of "day of remembrance of their victims".

This history-distorting effort has the support of political forces serving the capital and is manifested with various ways over the last years, including resolutions of bodies of various interstate bodies and parliamentary institutions.

Having at first renamed the 9th of May from day of the peoples' victory into "Day of Europe" in order to write off the picture of the Red Flag waving in Reichstag, they now pursue to identify the victim with the victimized adducing the day that the Molotov-Ribbentrop non aggression pact was signed.

* They aim at concealing the imperialist, class character of Nazism-Fascism
* They want to withhold the fact that the Victory of the People bears he indelible seal of the Soviet Union, of the Red Army and the partisan movements, in which the communists had been at the forefront all over the world.
* They pursue to whitewash imperialism, that had bred the fascism and today, 20 years after the counterrevolution, unchecked slaughters the people around the world.
* In this way, they aspire to hit politically and ideologically all those that continue to struggle against the class exploitation and injustice, that resist the barbarous attack on every social, labor and democratic rights of the people unleashed in conditions of global economic crisis of the capitalism.

Workers, peasants, women, young people.
Pensioners, veterans and fighters of the antifascist fight.

* Mobilize vigorously against the re-writing and the falsification of history
* Give resolute response, and cancel any attempt to organize anti-communist events on 23 of August.
* Disseminate the historical truth
* Defend intransigently the struggle against imperialism, for an other society, without wars, unemployment, poverty and exploitation.

For Socialism

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strategy for a new direction

Communist Party of Ireland

Invites you to the public launch of:

'An economy for the common good - strategy for a new direction'

Thursday 10th September

Ireland Institute (Pearse House) Pearse Street, Dublin


Please circulate

Friday, September 4, 2009

KSM wins battle!

WFDY salutes KSM achieving legal status once again

The Supreme Court of Czech Republic has, today, decided to cancel the ban that over the last years has the Communist Union of Czech Republic (KSM) to face the situation of being na illegal organization, deprived from the basic rights that any democratic organization should have.

WFDY considers this a major development and a historical moment. We reaffirm now that, as in the past, this is not an administrative or even legal matter, but a deeply political matter. In the same way KSM was not being made illegal by the pretense “legal” matters in its program, the decision of today is not at all a strict court decision.

This decision is the result of KSM and Czech youth’s struggle, as well as of the intense and worldwide solidarity expressed by the youth of all corners of the world. WFDY and its member and friend organizations have, from the first moment, developped countless demonstrations, petitions and many other means of solidarity, which were surely an important support to the Czech youth.

WFDY considers this moment of victory as another proof that, despite the obstacles, difficulties and attacks, the struggle is the way for victory against imperialism and urges its member and friend organizations to spread the news that will let all anti-imperialist people organizations happy and even more motivated for the struggle for social and democratic rights, freedom, justice and peace, against imperialism and all its expressions!