Monday, January 24, 2011

Increased eu economic control

see below excellent report by the peoples movement on eu financial and economic control mechanism

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The economic crisis - Some questions and answers

The economic crisis - Some questions and answers

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New CPITV Video

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check out new CPITV animated production 'Exposing the gobshite!'


Monday, January 3, 2011

Build the fightback

2010 has been one of the worst years for workers in Ireland, Europe and indeed in many places across the globe.

Workers have been sacked. Pay cut. Pensions attacked. Public services reduced and sold. National sovereignty has been exposed and elected politicians humiliated. Establishment political parties, including social-democratic parties, have all supported the attack upon workers. Trade unions have not fought. The media has lied and misreported. All this as the largest socialisation of private debt and transfer of wealth from working people to the rich.

But as with all things its opposite has existed and towards the end of 2010 there were signs of resistance growing in Ireland and Europe.

For 2011 we must build on this and make the resistance real. We must fight them on the streets, at the ballot box, on the airwaves. We must challenge them at every corner but we must also create our own working class space at every opportunity.

Solidarity and struggle for 2011.

Communist Perspective

Anti-communism in Europe will not succeed!

Joint statement of the communist and workers’ parties of Europe

28 December 2010

The Communist and Workers’ Parties of Europe condemn the provocative and outrageous initiative of the foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic to demand that the European Union instigate the legal persecution of all those within the EU who do not accept the so-called reactionary campaigns of rewriting of history and criminalisation of communists and communism.
This is a dangerous attempt to generalise the legal persecution and other related measures which are in force in several EU countries against all those who reject the slanders against the historical experiences of socialist construction and against all those who combat the attempts to erase the decisive contribution that the communists gave in the struggle for social and labour rights and for democracy in Europe and reject the distortion of the history of the 2nd World War and the unacceptable equation of communism with fascism.
It is not by chance that this initiative is being carried out in a period when working-class and popular struggles are strengthening. The expansion of the anti-worker assault goes hand in hand with the expansion of anti-communist measures. The communists are the target of these attacks because they are in the front line of the struggles not only so that the workers do not bear the burden of the capitalist crisis but also because they are the only ones who hold the real solution to capitalist barbarity. The dominant class, understanding full well the impasse of the capitalist system and its irreconcilable contradictions, intensifies its persecutions, threats and crimes.
However, whatever measures it takes it cannot prevent the inexorable laws of social development, and the necessity of the overthrow of capital’s power. It cannot prevent the strengthening of the organisation of the working class and the development of the mass struggle for socialism and communism.
We firmly declare that the anti-communist plans of the bourgeoisie will fail. The superiority of our ideology, the just cause of the working class, can break even their harshest measures. We will continue in an even more determined and uncompromising manner in order to defeat the anti-people power of big capital. Anti-communist hysteria will not deceive the working-class and popular forces which experience the problems of unemployment, the overturning of social, social security and labour rights, and capitalist barbarity itself.
We appeal to all democratic, progressive and anti-imperialist forces to join us in the struggle against anti-communism, a struggle which is directly connected to the fight for labour and popular rights as well as for social justice, for a world without the exploitation of man by man.

Make 2011 the year of resistance!

New Year Message of the Communist Party of Ireland

Comrades and compatriots,
Let us make 2011 the year of struggle and resistance. Let us build the forces that will defeat the arbitrary rule and diktat of the European Union and International Monetary Fund. Let us begin to reclaim the destiny of our country and that of future generations from the grip of monopoly capitalism and from domination by imperialism.
Lets us turn 2011 into a year of hope and resistance, of ending the despair and fatalism and the economic chaos that the establishment have plunged our country into. There is an alternative to the rule of international bankers and transnational corporations, to the self-serving, greed-driven gombeenism of the establishment parties.
We can draw inspiration from the struggles of our ancestors, who, against all the odds, dared to dream of a better future, who aspired to having greater control over their lives, who wanted their children to grow with them and to share this common land of ours, not having to see them take the boat or plane to another place to find work and establish a future for themselves.
The future of our people lies in the building of a socialist Ireland, an all-Ireland community of solidarity and co-operation among our people—an Ireland in which the wealth is owned and shared by the people. Let us make 2011 the first step in the building of a new Ireland. Let us begin to fulfil the legacy of Tone, Larkin, Markievicz, Connolly, and Pearse. A better Ireland can be built, by our actions today and tomorrow.