Friday, October 2, 2009

WFDY Statement against EU Reform Treaty

Today, millions of Irish people are summoned to, once again, vote if they accept or not the implementation of the EU Reform Treaty in their country.

Since this Treaty has to be accepted by all European Union member states, this referendum as a value much wider than the borders of the Irish state, and millions of people in the different member states of the EU, depending on the result its implementation or destruction.

In fact, this has been a major factor of pressure upon the Irish people who are being confronted with all kind of arguments to be pushed to vote in favor of this referendum, being blackmailed in all sorts of ways and accused of being the cause of EU failure in case they vote, once again, against the EU Reform Treaty.

On this matter, WFDY highlights the every day more clear evidence of the anti-democratic process going on to impose to the peoples of the EU member states the EU Reform Treaty, which has been rejected before in France, Holland and, as it is known, in Ireland itself. This process is a new (but not surprising) demonstration of the anti-democratic character of the EU itself as well as it structures.

Whatever are the results of this referendum this will always be an illegitimate Treaty. First of all, many of the peoples in the EU were not given the possibility to choose by themselves whether to accept or not this Treaty. Then, wherever the people were given a choice they rejected the Treaty. And finally, now in Ireland the people are being pushed to vote once again, after they already clearly said NO to the Treaty.

Furthermore, WFDY highlights the fact that this referendum is being held with the nearly complete silence of the international imperialist dominated media. Unlike the last one, where the imperialist triumphalism made the referendum in Ireland a big international event, now the international media, according to the orientation of the imperialist forces, is making an almost complete silent, so that the peoples of the remaining EU member states and all around the world are not aware of this totally anti-democratic manoeuvre.

Finally, WFDY reaffirms its commitment, struggle and solidarity towards a world of peace, social justice and sovereignty, on the complete opposite to what the EU Reform Treaty stands for with its measures in favour the international capitalist wealth concentration, privatization of all public services and alliance with the war criminal killing machine of NATO.

No manoeuvre can stop the people from being victorious against imperialism – the struggle goes on!

Budapest, October 2, 2009

Defeat Lisbon

2nd October.

Dear friend.

Well the campaign has come to an end. The Irish people must now
decide the fate of the Lisbon Treaty.

We know you have been bombarded by leaflets, slick advertisements,
carefully crafted slogans and well rehearsed speeches with each word
place in the correct order by well paid spin doctors.

It is up to you, your family and your neighbours to take responsibility now.

We would ask you to consider voting No as the best option in regards to
defending workers rights, national democracy and sovereignty and in
opposition to militarism.

We have taken this unusual step to e-mail people but we feel that this
referendum and its outcome is important to the future of all our people,
for workers, for small and medium farmers, for our country as a whole.

It is a patriotic action to vote no and it is internationalist act of
solidarity as we will be giving voice to the tens of millions of people
across the EU who have been denied the opportunity to express their
opinion in relation to this treaty.

If you support our call for a no vote please forward this e-mail on to
work colleagues, family and friends.

Yours in solidarity