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Supporting the Cuban Revolution is a principle

(PCB Political Statement)

There is a political note on the web page of the Workers’ Unified Socialist Party – PSTU – undersigned by the self referred as International Worker’s League – Fourth International (IWL-FI) – under the title “The Death of Orlando Zapata and Freedom in Cuba”.

This “league” is the same organization that helped the Venezuelan bourgeoisie to say no at the time of the constitutional referendum promoted by Chavez, in 2008, and recommended the vote for abstention in the referendum promoted by the Bolivian president, Evo Moralez, in 2009, under the slogan “Neither Evo, nor the Oligarchy”. In both episodes, they played the game of the separatists from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and acted under the funding and the orders from the north-American Embassy, the USAID and the CIA.

Just when the worldly hegemonic media promotes a mean and cynical campaign against Cuba, this façade “International” objectively associates itself with imperialism to combat the Cuban Socialist Revolution, which has recently completed 50 years of historic political and social progress and resistance to the cruel blockade moved by the United States.

Despite the débâcle of the Soviet Union and other experiments of building socialism in Eastern Europe, despite the blockade and the uncountable provocations made by imperialism, Cuba maintains the most effective direct popular democracy in the world social achievements which are unimaginable in any capitalist country. There is no other country able to provide such solidarity and to be more internationalist than Cuba: in this country, students from all over the world graduate, and Cuba keeps professionals in family health and education programs in many peripheral countries, especially in Latin America, with emphasis on the struggle against illiteracy. Partly as a result of this action, illiteracy has already been eradicated in Bolivia and Venezuela.

The IWL-FI uses a leftist language against Cuba that might sound revolutionary to the less informed. Due to that, its statements are functional to imperialism, so as to try to give the world the impression that the Cuban government is isolated, that is, that not only the right combats it.

In a theoretically dishonest juggling, the note says that In Cuba there is a “capitalist dictatorship” that needs to be overthrown in an alliance with the Cuban bourgeoisie in Miami! It compares the Cuban present regime with the military dictatorships that marked the Southern Cone in the years 1960 / 1980. Defective intentions and manipulation are evident when, they admit now that the formation of democratic political fronts against those dictactorships was correct at those times, a policy which they fiercely opposed and denied at that time.

The Association of groups like this with “Solidarity” and its leader, Lech Walesa, in Poland, in the 80’s, even if it was clear that it acted under the direction of the CIA and the Vatican, may be understandable, given that, due to errors in the building the socialism, there was a mass opposition movement which had much influence within the working class. But in Cuba the “dissidence” is directed by bourgeois organizations which are funded by US, including those mentioned in the text of the self-proclaimed international, and have no political weight in the country. The only alternative to the current Cuban system is the imperialism, through Miami’s bourgeoisie.

This kind of orientation is useful only to motivate the rise of petty-bourgeois messianic and sectarian organizations in some countries. Like sects, they claim they’re able to guide the masses and the socialist revolution. And when they can’t do that, they consider that all movements or change processes are undergoing a “crisis of leadership”.

In a moment when imperialism, due to the crisis of its system, assumes a behavior of aggressiveness unprecedented in recent decades, we won’t conciliate with these petty-bourgeois positions. Classifying the Cuban Revolution as a “capitalist dictatorship” is to play the game of the counter-revolution.

Therefore, PCB will have much difficulty to relate itself with such political organizations that defend orientations like this in our country. Even if subjectively they consider themselves revolutionary, these groups objectively play the game of imperialism, as they function as its left hand. The deputy Jair Bolsonaro, a leader of Brazilian ultra-right, is also releasing a manifesto with the same political line: “unrestricted support and solidarity to political prisoners, in Cuba, to the struggle for freedom and democracy in that country”.

The position that the Central Committee of PCB expresses here doesn’t have any anti-Trotskyst meaning. We would not do that only because that league claims proudly itself the unique contemporary global reference of Trotsky’s legacy. The vast majority of organizations and individuals that have the same theoretical reference, in Brazil and in the whole world, strongly combat the international positions of this group, which only brings harm to the proletarian struggle.

The Brazilian Communist Party – PCB, assumes all its 88 years of life, has already overcome reductionist manichaeisms. PCB is now working on a critical review of socialism based on the theoretical foundations that Marx, Engels, Lenin and other organic militants and intellectuals have given to us, and not on the basis of a cult of personalities, no matter who they are.

PCB stays with Cuba and Socialism!

PCB stays against Imperialism!

PCB – Brazilian Communist Party

Central Committee – April 2010

Connolly Memorial

Our annual commemoration of the execution of James Connolly and to honour all the leaders of the 1916 Rising will take place on Sunday 16th May, at Arbour Hill Cemetery, Dublin 7 at 3-00pm. Wreaths will be led and orations delivered by the CPI and the Connolly Youth Movement.


JCML 2010 Lecture

The 2010 James Connolly Memorial Lecture will take place on Saturday 15th May at 2pm in the Ireland Institute, Pearse House, 27 Pearse St.

The invited speaker is Andrew Murray, Chair Stop the War Coalition, in Britain. The title of the lecture is "21st century anti-imperialism."

May Day - Belfast


One of the largest and best organised May Day marches takes place in Belfast. Assemble at Writers’ Square (Donegall Street), 11:30 a.m.

Marching off at 12:30 p.m., returning via Royal Avenue to Writers’ Square for May Day Family Festival.

Guest speaker: Bob Crow (RMT Union) .


May Day - Dublin


The May Day march will for a change take place on May Day, this coming Saturday 1st May at 2-00pm from Parnell Square, Dublin 1.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Meeting

The New International Order:
Imperialism in the 21st Century

Lecture 3: Case studies: the new international order in action

José Antonio Gutiérrez (Latin America Solidarity Centre) will speak on Haiti: Military Humanitarianism and US strategy in Latin America

Fleachta Phelan (Campaigns and Policy Officer, Comhlámh) will speak on EU trade policy and its impact on the countries of the Global South

Chair: David Landy (Chairperson, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Centre)

8.00pm, Thursday, 29 April 2010


NEW Video Posted

New video of militant Greek workers posted on TheCPITV

Check it out

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CPI - Connolly Sunday


Annual James Connolly Commemoration

Date: Sunday 16th May

Venue: Arbour Hill Cemetery.Dublin 7.

Time: 3-00pm.

Communist Party of Ireland

James Connolly Memorial Lecture - CPI

James Connolly Memorial Lecture

15th May Time 2-00pm

Venue: Ireland Institute, Pearse Street, Dublin 2: (5 mins walk from College Green)

Speaker: Andrew Murray; Chair "STOP THE WAR COALITION" London.

Title of Paper: "Imperial Domination - globalised poverty and environmental destruction"

Communist Party of Ireland

Saturday, April 17, 2010

CP of Greece, Open letter of the Press Bureau to the 13 MEPs of the so-called “Group for the Reconciliation of European Histories”


We condemn your action to proceed to the formation of a group for the Reconciliation of European Histories:

* because we regard your “initiative” as an effort to falsify the European history and rewrite history by means of reversing it;
* because we consider that your “initiative” is part of the general anticommunist attack launched by the European Parliament and the other mechanisms of the imperialist European Union;
* because it is capitalism and its representatives those who must apologise to the peoples for the tremendous crimes that all your governments have committed throughout the years and are still doing so;
* because you dare to insult the sacrifice and the memory of the 20,000,000 dead people of the Soviet Union, which was the key factor for the defeat of Nazism, as well as the memory of hundreds of thousands of communists and fighters from other countries;
* because you spread obscurantism and penalize the Marxist-Leninist theory, ideology and policy.

1. Fascism and Nazism are products of capitalism. They were supported by the whole bourgeois political spectre in order to come to the power. First of all they were supported by the big business groups of Germany, France, USA, Great Britain, Italy and other capitalist states whose interests are also nowadays served by the EU. As regards the role of the bourgeois forces we would like to mention the following:

* the open, military, economic and political support to Franco in Spain by Great Britain, France as well as the indirect support by the US
* the Agreement of Munich (1938) where the prime ministers of Great Britain and France, Chamberlain and Daladier respectively handed over the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Hitler
* the war against Germany that France and Great Britain “declared” -though without waging it- after the invasion of Germany in Poland in 1939, despite the relevant agreement that they have signed with Poland,
* the open collaboration of the social democrat government of Sweden with Hitler until 1943
* the collaboration of the Vatican with Hitler and Mussolini as well as the fact that the Pope helped thousands of Nazi war criminals to escape.

2. Since you are so interested in European history let us remind you –even if you are bound to forget all about it- a series of crimes against the European peoples that your states committed:

* The World War I which was a result of the conflict among the plunderers for the redistribution of markets.
* The World War II that had the same cause and lead to the death of 50,000,000 people that is 35 million more than World War I.
* The bombing of Dresden by British airplanes that leveled Dresden in 1945 and was not dictated by any need of the war.
* The crime against humanity, namely the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs which was also not dictated by any need of the war.
* The invasion of your troops in Russia in order to suppress the great October Revolution.
* The slaughtering of the Paris Commune by the French government that did not hesitate to murder even unarmed women and small children.
* The slaughter of thousands of workers during the German revolution in 1918.
* The executions of thousands of communists and other members of the National Liberation Front in Greece by the collaborators of the Germans and those who were absent from the national liberation struggle during the German occupation and later on the executions against the men and women fighters of the Democratic Army of Greece.
* The employment of thousands of Nazi war criminals by NATO who we re utilized in crucial positions.
* The slaughter of the people of Yugoslavia and its dissolution by Germany, France, Italy and the USA.

3. It is the European Union and its bodies who have encouraged and applauded the demolition of statues and monuments against fascism and the erection of monuments that honor fascism. It is you who persecute communists and their organizations.


Your anticommunist campaign and the rewriting of history are useful for the general attack that the EU and its governments have launched against the rights of the people in order to serve the profit-making of the monopolies. You want the people to be submitted and disoriented in order to protect your power from the coming popular reactions. You will not succeed.

History can have two versions, the one written by the peoples and the other which is written by their exploiters. You will not manage to reconcile them, no matter how hard you try.

Athens 15/4/2010

The Press Bureau of the CC of KKE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PCP condemns the new escalation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

PCP condemns the new escalation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

Saturday, 03 April 2010

The Portuguese Communist Party condemns the recent Israeli air strikes against the Palestinian territories of the Gaza strip and stresses the seriousness of the Israeli threats of a new military offensive against the Palestinian people.

Such crimes are inseparable from recent and repeated provocations against international legality and the Palestinian people, such as the decision to extend the occupation and colonization of Palestinian land in the West Bank or the recent statements by Israeli officials in relation to Jerusalem.

In the face of the obvious Israeli strategy of launching a new escalation of State terrorism against the Palestinian people and of continuous and premeditated sabotage of any progress towards a peaceful, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian problem, the PCP demands from the Portuguese government an unequivocal condemnation of this new crime by the Israeli government and armed forces and reiterates its position that these Israeli actions and statements, which are illegal under the most diverse points of view, must, in light of the Portuguese Constitution, have repercussions on the relations between the Portuguese State and the Israeli State.

The PCP reiterates its solidarity with the Palestinian people and its struggle for the inalienable right to establish the independent and sovereign Palestinian State, within the pre-1967 war borders and with its capital in Jerusalem.

The Press Office of PCP

1916 Anniversary

CPI - 94th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising

Solidarity greetings on the eve of the 94th anniversary of the 1916
Rising. We remember all those who struggled and all those who gave their
lives fighting against British colonialism and imperialism in the fight
for Irish freedom , for sovereignty and independence down the
centuries. We salute them all.

The 1916 Rising in Ireland sent shock waves throughout the British
Empire, inspiring millions of oppressed peoples to continue to resist
the yoke of colonialism and imperialist domination. We Irish communists
express our solidarity and salute all those who struggle against
imperialism and for social justice around the globe today.

The struggle against imperialism British, European Union or the USA
must continue. The only sure way of achieving this goal and ensuring
the defeat of these forces is through the mass mobilisation of working


Dear comrades,

Greetings from Budapest!

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Comradely yours,

Tiago Vieira
President of WFDY