Friday, June 18, 2010

AKEL (Cyprus) Statement

AKEL expresses its deep concern regarding the developments in Hungary where the governmental majority in the Parliament voted in favor of modifications in the penal code which identify the “crimes of communism” with the crimes of the German fascists and the Holocaust of the Jews. In particular, according to the recent changes in the criminal law, whoever attempts to doubt the “crimes of communism” in public, could possibly face imprisonment from 1 to 3 years. We shall remind that the law that bans the use of the communist symbols is issued in Hungary since years ago.

We consider the attempt of equalizing the Holocaust of the Jews with the supposed crimes of communism as evocable and condemnable since it was the Red Army and the Soviet Union that gave an end to the worst crimes of the history of humanity, as the Holocaust of the Jews, and played a catalytic role in the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples.

Unfortunately this development consists a continuation of the wider effort of equalizing communism with fascism, the counterfeiting of history and the disappearance of whatever reminds the socialist period. These actions are constantly increased, especially in the countries of the Eastern Europe as well within the European Union and the Council of Europe.

These actions, from whoever are arising, consist a blow for democracy and the freedom of expression. They also appoint the declarations for democracy and acceptance of the different opinion, words without meaning.

Furthermore, we consider that this action consists an effort of disorientating the public opinion from the huge deadlocks that capitalism and neoliberalism have created, as these are expressed through the ongoing global capitalist crisis.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

25 years of the EU! - PCP

Statement by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the PCP

1 – The political and ideological aims of the celebrations of the 25 years of Portugal’s signing of the Treaty of Accession to the EEC/EU do not erase, but rather confirm, PCP’s warnings on the consequences of this act to the Portuguese people and to the country. The harsh reality encountered by the Portuguese, inseparable from the consequences of the European capitalist integration and the policies associated with it, confirm, 25 years later, the correctness of PCP’s position concerning Portugal’s accession to the EEC and the reasons then stated.

Today, Portugal is not only more unfair and more unequal on the social level and in terms of development of its territory, but also a country which is more dependent, more indebted, more deficitary and more vulnerable. 25 years later, the severe crisis the country faces, although resulting from the right-wing policies at the national level, cannot be separated from the crisis of the bases of the European Union. The record levels of unemployment, Portugal’s stagnation and economic dependence, the destruction of the national productive apparatus, the worsening of exploitation, of social inequalities and injustices are a consequence of the exploitative nature associated to the present process of “European integration”.

2 – The question that should be raised after the 25 years of the signing by Portugal of the Treaty of Accession to the EEC/EU is: what did it serve for and who benefitted from Portugal joining the EEC? The question should be: what serves and who benefitted from the Treaties from Maastricht to Lisbon, the Stability Pact, the Economic and Monetary Union, the Euro, the ECB and the so-called foreign and security policy of the European Union. The truth is, in an increasingly clearer way, that the interests the neoliberal, militarist and federalist European Union serves are those of big capital, namely big financial capital, of the great powers like Germany, of the defenders of militarism and NATO’s aggressive policy and not the interests of Europe’s workers and peoples, of cooperation and peace.

The measures taken by the European Union and the governments of several countries, including Portugal, in the name of a supposed “combat against the crisis” clearly reveal the falsehood of the discourses of “solidarity”, “cohesion” and “social Europe”, highlighting for what, in fact, serve the instruments written down in the treaties, in the common policies and in the Strategies like “Europe 2020”. In the name of the so-called “combat against the crisis” the peoples of Europe are increasingly victims of a policy of concentration and centralization of economic and political power which, feeding from the dependency and economic frailty of some countries like Portugal, strikes new and very serious blows against labour and social rights, the sovereignty and democracy itself and puts at stake the future of millions of people and the future of their countries.

3 – But, 25 years later, the PCP affirms with conviction that another Europe of the workers and the peoples is possible. With their struggle it will be possible to create a rupture with EU’s neoliberal, militarist and federalist course. A rupture based upon the respect for democracy and labour and social rights, to open the way for a true convergence and cooperation founded on social progress, support for national production, public investment, strengthening of public services, jobs with rights, the end of “free” circulation of capital, combat against finantialization and economic dependency.

Affirming its unwavering commitment to defend the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic - which set down many democratic advances, accomplishments and achievements of the April Revolution, namely concerning national independence and sovereignty – The PCP reiterates its rejection of an European integration characterized by submission and conditioning of Portugal’s development and renews its pledge to fight for an independent and sovereign Portugal, for a project of cooperation among sovereign and equal States, to promote the improvement of the living conditions of the workers and the people and the progress of the country, peace and international solidarity, in line with the project of democratic, patriotic and internationalist development set down in the April Constitution.

The present course of European integration is not an inevitability, as is not inevitable the brutal civilizational regression that the dominating classes try to impose on the peoples of Europe. The answer of the workers and the peoples of several European countries to the violent anti-social attack under way in the European Union – an important example of which was the demonstration in Lisbon last 29th. May – together with the changes in the international scene, namely in Latin America, prove that a different world and a different Europe are possible, based upon solidarity, mutual respect and reciprocity, respecting the sovereign right of the peoples to make their choice regarding economic, social and political organisation, in defense of peace and cooperation with all the peoples of the world.

Monday, June 14, 2010

KNE support KPP

Communist Youth in Greece support polish comrades.

Communist Party of Poland Statement

Protest against anti-communist law in Poland

On 8th of June – on the day new anti-communist law, that bans the communist symbols (art. 256 of penal code) came into effect, an international protest campaign took place in Poland.

In Warsaw there were a conference and a demonstration with participation of delegations of communist parties – Communist Party of Greece, Portuguese Communist Party, Communist Party of Ireland and youth organizations – World Federation of Democratic Youth and Communist Youth Union of Czech Republic.

During press conference comrades: Georgios Toussas – MEP, Communist Party of Greece, João Ferreira – MEP, Portuguese Communist Party, Yogendra Shahi – vice president of World Federation of Democratic Youth, condemned the new law and expressed their support for the Communist Party of Poland. After the conference in the centre of Warsaw a demonstration took place.

Polish internet portals and news channel informing about this event underline absurdity of the new repressive article of penal code.

Also in several other countries demonstrations took place in front of Embassies of Poland and letters of protest were delivered to the Polish Ambassadors. Until now we were informed that such protests were organized in Athens, Budapest, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Mexico, Moscow and Nicosia. Communist Party of Poland has also received letters of support from many communist parties.

We would like to thank all participants of this campaign and ask for continuing it. We must make our fight stronger, as far as problem of discrimination of communist symbols and another kind of reprisals are taking place in Poland and some other Eastern European countries. Yesterday the new anti-communist law was also adopted in Hungary.

Communist Party of Poland

CPI Letter to Polish Embassy

Communist Party of Ireland

James Connolly House, 43 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2:

8th June 2010

Ambassador dr Tadeusz Szumowski

Embassy of the Republic of Poland
5 Ailesbury Road
Dublin 4

Statement on the banning of Communist symbols in Poland.

The new Polish law banning the display of Communist symbols is an extraordinary attempt to rewrite Polish history. Even though the capitalist system is in its greatest crisis since the Second World War, it is not allowed to propose the only way out of the crisis, which is to take the road towards socialism. It is not allowed to acknowledge the achievements of socialism in Poland, - the reconstruction after the war, which had left hardly one brick on top of another in the country, this depending entirely on its own resources, without the benefit of the Marshall Plan which aided the recovery of Western Europe - the achievement of full employment, - the provision of health and education services, free to all. It is not allowed to say that the living standards of working people are worse now than in 1989.

The restoration of capitalism in Poland has been a dismal failure. Millions of Polish workers have lost their jobs and are forced to emigrate. Successive governments have failed to tackle the economic and social problems that confront working people. Just as their political bankruptcy is becoming clearer, the politicans seek to obscure their own incompetence, putting all the blame for Poland's problems on the attempt to build Socialism. No doubt their actions are well supervised by the European Union which has usurped the democracy of the Polish people.

The problems and difficulties involved in building socialism should not be denied, nor the mistakes involved, but the Polish Communists and their allies who undertook that monumental task deserve respect. Those who put forward the aim of reconstructing socialism in Poland are entitled to the democratic right to present their policies and symbols to the people. Denial of this right exposes the “democratic” pretensions of the right-wing, of those who claim to be fighting for "democracy".

The Communist Party of Ireland is proud to associate itself with the campaign of the Communist Party of Poland against this unjust, undemocratic and reactionary law.

Yours sincerely
Eugene Mc Cartan

General Secretary

Komunistyczna Partia Irlandii

Oświadczenie w sprawie delegalizacji symboli komunistycznych w Polsce

Nowe prawo zabraniające użycia symboli komunistycznych jest nadzwyczajną próba napisania na owo historii Polski. Pomimo tego, że system kapitalistyczny znalazł się w najgłębszym kryzysie od czasów Drugiej Wojny Światowej, nie pozwala się przedstawić jedynego wyjścia z kryzysu, jakim jest droga w kierunku socjalizmu. Nie pozwala się również na wyrażenie uznania dla osiągnięć socjalizmu w Polsce – odbudowy kraju ze straszliwych zniszczeń wojennych, gdzie nie pozostał niemal kamień na kamieniu, całkowicie o własnych siłach, bez pomocy planu Marshalla, który pomógł stanąć na nogi Europie Zachodniej – oraz innych osiągnięć socjalizmu jak - pełne zatrudnienie, darmowa i dostępna dla wszystkich służba zdrowia oraz powszechne szkolnictwo. Nie pozwala się mówić o tym, że poziom życia robotników dziś jest znacznie gorszy aniżeli w 1989 roku.

Przywrócenie w Polsce kapitalizmu zakończyło się ponurą klęską. Miliony polskich robotników straciło pracę i zostało zmuszonych do emigracji. Wszystkie kolejne rządy nie potrafiły rozwiązać ekonomicznych i społecznych problemów, przed którymi stanęli w Polsce ludzie pracy. Podczas gdy ich bankructwo polityczne staje się coraz wyraźniejsze, politycy starają się ukryć swoją niekompetencję poprzez zrzucenie odpowiedzialności za problemy Polski na próbę budowy socjalizmu. Nie ma wątpliwości co do tego, że działania te są nadzorowane przez Unię Europejską, która uzurpuje sobie prawo do polskiej demokracji.

Nie zaprzeczamy temu, że istniały problemy i trudności związane z budową socjalizmu i że popełniano również błędy, ale polscy komuniści i ich sprzymierzeńcy, którzy podjęli się tego olbrzymiego zadania zasługują na szacunek. Ci, którzy wysuwają dziś postulaty odbudowy socjalizmu w Polsce mają demokratyczne prawo do prezentowania swoich poglądów i symboli publicznie. Odebranie im tego prawa odbiera rządzącej prawicy przydomek „demokratycznej”, tym bardziej że powoływała się ona na hasło „walki o demokrację”.

Komunistyczna Partia Irlandii z dumą przyłącza się do kampanii protestu Komunistycznej Partii Polski przeciwko temu niesprawiedliwemu, niedemokratycznemu i reakcyjnemu prawu.

KC Komunistycznej Partii Irlandii

05.06.2010 Dublin

30th May CP Press Statement

Stop the appeasement of Israel 30th May
Expel the Israeli Ambassador

The Communist Party of Ireland offers its deepest sympathy to the Families and friends of those murdered on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. To the remaining international humanitarian volunteers on the flotilla we express our admiration for your courage and honour, which is in stark contrast with the appeasement policy of the Irish Government and the Western powers.

The tragic events now unfolding in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea have once again focused world attention on the savage and brutal policies that are inflicted daily on thePalestinian people by the Israeli government. That same brutality is now being inflicted on international human rights campaigners and has resulted in at least ten deaths.

Israel continues to impose its illegal blockade on Gaza, both on land and sea, in its policy of collective punishment of the Palestinian people.
The appeasement policies of the Western powers, in the first place the United States and the European Union, must end. They have stood by and allowed the Israel government to act with impunity in murdering thousands of Palestinians and starving a million people in its
four-year illegal blockade of Gaza.

The Irish Government must break off diplomatic relations with Israel and expel the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.

The recent invitation to Israeli to join the OECD should be rescinded.

The Irish Government must ensure that no materials or components manufactured here in Ireland are sold to or allowed to end up in Israel.

The Government should call for an international boycott—economic, political, military, and cultural—with this aggressive nuclear-armed rogue state.

Our Government should also call on the United Nations to organise an international flotilla of ships, protected by the necessary naval peace-enforcement vessels, to completely break the illegal blockade and lift the siege of Gaza.

It is time to lift the silence, break the blockade, and end the policy of appeasement of this dangerous rogue state.