Friday, February 12, 2010

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Is feidir linn Manifesto

The crisis in national and global financial and economic systems, combined with grave weaknesses in the Irish political project and the chosen model of development, is creating hardship for many individuals, families and communities in Ireland.

The most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society, who gained least during the economic boom, are bearing a disproportionate burden of poverty and inequality as a result of policies in place to manage and address this crisis. Organisations at community and national levels, which have been at the forefront of combating poverty and inequality, are being silenced and dismantled.

There is an urgent need for an alternative model of development with a capacity to create a more equal Ireland which also breaks free of enduring injustices such as socio- economic and gendered inequalities, and is rooted in a human rights framework. In more equal societies everybody does better. Economic and social restructuring can only make sense in the short term if the recovery programme contributes in the medium and long term to a better, more equal, inclusive and sustainable society and economy.

Is Féidir Linn is a network of individuals that’ seeks to devise an alternative political economic and social model of development for Ireland. It hopes to facilitate the emergence of a social movement based on this model of development to promote an inclusive equal and sustainable Ireland. This vision document was first publicly discussed by over 150 attendees in a June 2009 Is Feidir Linn conference.

This amended vision outlines values and goals that could underpin an alternative model of development. Is Féidir Linn aims to use this document to stimulate discussion and understanding of the need for and content of such an alternative model.

The next step is to build consensus, momentum, solidarity and alliances among those interested in this vision and these goals, with a view to working towards an inclusive, equal and sustainable Ireland.

A longer term aim is work with other progressive groups and individuals to develop an Alternative Programme for Government which we hope can become a focus of political debate in the context of Ireland’s next general election.

For more information visit the Is Féidir Linn Ning site:
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20th anniversary of release of Mandela and Cmd's

The World Federation of Democratic Youth joins the Mandela family, South African people and all progressive youth movements in remembering the 20th Anniversary after the release of Cde Nelson Mandela from the notorious Robben Island Prison of the apartheid regime.

We once again re-affirm our support for the great revolutionary leader who has stood firm and focused to defend the imperialist machinations and unconditionally defended the revolution for a free South Africa.

Today, the same imperialist regimes continue to craft draconian laws to further oppress innocent people of the world under the so called banners of the rule of law, democracy and terrorist activities amongst other endless list of imperial propaganda language.

WFDY still stand side by side with revolutionaries who resisted and who still resist all forms of oppression, leaders like Cde Mandela who made South Africa to illuminate with glory over the achievements they made in developing their countries.

On behalf of member and friendly organizations, the World Federation of Democratic Youth therefore salute Cde Nelson Mandela for the role he has played as a courageous father-figure, a role model par excellence and we applaud him for the historical role he has played in uniting the progressive masses of not South Africa but the world at large. His highest level of his sacrifice goes a long way in teaching us, the youth of today, to actively participate in resisting all forms of oppression for a better and peaceful world.

11 February, 2010
Budapest, Hungary

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fundraiser for Haiti

Dear friend.

There will be a pub quiz in Liberty Hall, on 11 February, at 8:00 pm.

All money raise will go to support the Cuban medical doctors brigade now in the front line bringing medical aid to the Haitian people.

This fund raiser will give progressive forces and individuals here in Ireland an opportunity to show their appreciation and solidarity with these inspiring and self sacrificing individuals. These Cuban doctors and other medical staff have worked long and hard since the earthquake stuck attending to the injured. The role of these Cuban volunteers remains largely unrecognised by the corporate western media. They are a shinning example of the selfless role that Cuban people have and do play across the world despite the many difficulties and challenges that the revolution face at home. Cuba itself has suffered server damage in 2008 from hurricanes, yet they share what they have with others.

Liberty Hall, Dublin, Ireland
11th February


Dear comrades,

Greetings from Budapest!

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Comradely yours,

Tiago Vieira
President of WFDY