Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Supporting the Cuban Revolution is a principle

(PCB Political Statement)

There is a political note on the web page of the Workers’ Unified Socialist Party – PSTU – undersigned by the self referred as International Worker’s League – Fourth International (IWL-FI) – under the title “The Death of Orlando Zapata and Freedom in Cuba”.

This “league” is the same organization that helped the Venezuelan bourgeoisie to say no at the time of the constitutional referendum promoted by Chavez, in 2008, and recommended the vote for abstention in the referendum promoted by the Bolivian president, Evo Moralez, in 2009, under the slogan “Neither Evo, nor the Oligarchy”. In both episodes, they played the game of the separatists from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and acted under the funding and the orders from the north-American Embassy, the USAID and the CIA.

Just when the worldly hegemonic media promotes a mean and cynical campaign against Cuba, this façade “International” objectively associates itself with imperialism to combat the Cuban Socialist Revolution, which has recently completed 50 years of historic political and social progress and resistance to the cruel blockade moved by the United States.

Despite the débâcle of the Soviet Union and other experiments of building socialism in Eastern Europe, despite the blockade and the uncountable provocations made by imperialism, Cuba maintains the most effective direct popular democracy in the world social achievements which are unimaginable in any capitalist country. There is no other country able to provide such solidarity and to be more internationalist than Cuba: in this country, students from all over the world graduate, and Cuba keeps professionals in family health and education programs in many peripheral countries, especially in Latin America, with emphasis on the struggle against illiteracy. Partly as a result of this action, illiteracy has already been eradicated in Bolivia and Venezuela.

The IWL-FI uses a leftist language against Cuba that might sound revolutionary to the less informed. Due to that, its statements are functional to imperialism, so as to try to give the world the impression that the Cuban government is isolated, that is, that not only the right combats it.

In a theoretically dishonest juggling, the note says that In Cuba there is a “capitalist dictatorship” that needs to be overthrown in an alliance with the Cuban bourgeoisie in Miami! It compares the Cuban present regime with the military dictatorships that marked the Southern Cone in the years 1960 / 1980. Defective intentions and manipulation are evident when, they admit now that the formation of democratic political fronts against those dictactorships was correct at those times, a policy which they fiercely opposed and denied at that time.

The Association of groups like this with “Solidarity” and its leader, Lech Walesa, in Poland, in the 80’s, even if it was clear that it acted under the direction of the CIA and the Vatican, may be understandable, given that, due to errors in the building the socialism, there was a mass opposition movement which had much influence within the working class. But in Cuba the “dissidence” is directed by bourgeois organizations which are funded by US, including those mentioned in the text of the self-proclaimed international, and have no political weight in the country. The only alternative to the current Cuban system is the imperialism, through Miami’s bourgeoisie.

This kind of orientation is useful only to motivate the rise of petty-bourgeois messianic and sectarian organizations in some countries. Like sects, they claim they’re able to guide the masses and the socialist revolution. And when they can’t do that, they consider that all movements or change processes are undergoing a “crisis of leadership”.

In a moment when imperialism, due to the crisis of its system, assumes a behavior of aggressiveness unprecedented in recent decades, we won’t conciliate with these petty-bourgeois positions. Classifying the Cuban Revolution as a “capitalist dictatorship” is to play the game of the counter-revolution.

Therefore, PCB will have much difficulty to relate itself with such political organizations that defend orientations like this in our country. Even if subjectively they consider themselves revolutionary, these groups objectively play the game of imperialism, as they function as its left hand. The deputy Jair Bolsonaro, a leader of Brazilian ultra-right, is also releasing a manifesto with the same political line: “unrestricted support and solidarity to political prisoners, in Cuba, to the struggle for freedom and democracy in that country”.

The position that the Central Committee of PCB expresses here doesn’t have any anti-Trotskyst meaning. We would not do that only because that league claims proudly itself the unique contemporary global reference of Trotsky’s legacy. The vast majority of organizations and individuals that have the same theoretical reference, in Brazil and in the whole world, strongly combat the international positions of this group, which only brings harm to the proletarian struggle.

The Brazilian Communist Party – PCB, assumes all its 88 years of life, has already overcome reductionist manichaeisms. PCB is now working on a critical review of socialism based on the theoretical foundations that Marx, Engels, Lenin and other organic militants and intellectuals have given to us, and not on the basis of a cult of personalities, no matter who they are.

PCB stays with Cuba and Socialism!

PCB stays against Imperialism!

PCB – Brazilian Communist Party

Central Committee – April 2010

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