Monday, June 14, 2010

Communist Party of Poland Statement

Protest against anti-communist law in Poland

On 8th of June – on the day new anti-communist law, that bans the communist symbols (art. 256 of penal code) came into effect, an international protest campaign took place in Poland.

In Warsaw there were a conference and a demonstration with participation of delegations of communist parties – Communist Party of Greece, Portuguese Communist Party, Communist Party of Ireland and youth organizations – World Federation of Democratic Youth and Communist Youth Union of Czech Republic.

During press conference comrades: Georgios Toussas – MEP, Communist Party of Greece, João Ferreira – MEP, Portuguese Communist Party, Yogendra Shahi – vice president of World Federation of Democratic Youth, condemned the new law and expressed their support for the Communist Party of Poland. After the conference in the centre of Warsaw a demonstration took place.

Polish internet portals and news channel informing about this event underline absurdity of the new repressive article of penal code.

Also in several other countries demonstrations took place in front of Embassies of Poland and letters of protest were delivered to the Polish Ambassadors. Until now we were informed that such protests were organized in Athens, Budapest, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Mexico, Moscow and Nicosia. Communist Party of Poland has also received letters of support from many communist parties.

We would like to thank all participants of this campaign and ask for continuing it. We must make our fight stronger, as far as problem of discrimination of communist symbols and another kind of reprisals are taking place in Poland and some other Eastern European countries. Yesterday the new anti-communist law was also adopted in Hungary.

Communist Party of Poland

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