Thursday, July 22, 2010

G8, G20 and capitalist crisis - Portugese CP

"Avante!" Article by Albano Nunes, member of the Secretariat of the CC

The G8 and G20 summits, took place recently, in Canada, within a framework of the capitalist crisis deepening and great instability and uncertainty concerning international relations.

Whoever thought the crisis had buried the G8 ( in fact the G7 with the most powerful capitalist countries of the world, with Russia in an subaltern status) and the G20 had become the major instance in the international articulation at the imperialism service, was categorically mistaken. Just as the IMF and the World Bank, although both deeply discredited, they carry on delivering dogmatic opinions in the capitalist system’s “administration” and urge the most aggressive macroeconomic guidelines against workers and peoples, and therefore, the G8 stands putt for the current moment, as an agreement instance within the imperialism core, attempting to mitigate and solve contradictions and proceed according to the great capital’s general interests. This happened, once again, during the Muskoka summit, in June 25/ 26th last, a rather discrete summit, hesitant and poor, concerning the economic crisis, but launched ahead in militarism and aggressive interventionism matters. The escalade against Iran and the DPR of Korea was a topic of threatening resolutions, which is moreover more disturbing when it coincided with the great USA’s ( and Israel’s) air and naval forces’ movements, heading for the Persian Gulf.

On the G20 summit, in June 27th last – a multilateral articulation space, expressing is the unequal capitalism development and the forces in progress rearrangement process within the world arena, and where China and other “BRIC’ hold a crescendo role -, and what stands out, are the deep divergences on the method of facing the crisis and the contradictions’ aggravation both among the so-called emergent countries and the great imperialist powers. United by the same class interests and sharing the same strategic purposes – workers exploitation intensifying, planetarium recolonization, the attack to freedom and fundamental rights – and having decided to impose them by military force and police repression, diverge and strife in the struggle for markets, raw materials sources, spheres of influence. That happened with the priority definition and the manner of dealing with the gigantic state deficits, generated by billionaire capital injections amid the financial system. Germany counts on the budget consolidation and the defence of its position as a great exporting power. Above all, the USA aim at the widening and opening of its home market and is opposed to measures which expose the lies on the North-American economy “recuperation”: the USA, where unemployment is above 10%, and continues to live at the expenditure of a gigantic external debt and the dollar privileges, is running towards a GIP’s strong fall, in the second semester. Obama’s letter, addressed to his G20 partners, on the summit’s eve, is, on this issue, is of a great significance.

The Central Committee meeting, held on the 27/28th June, on analysing the international situation, considered, that together with the capitalist crisis deepening and the great capital violent offensive, resistance and the struggle in numerous countries grows, and considering Europe, although very far from the necessary, trade-union and popular actions, of a great dimension, take place. Intensifying and converging, in a equal line such actions is the necessary path to hinder the workers to pay the crisis and defend rights and the achieved conquests, of many decades of hard struggles. The PCP delegation’s visit to Greece, headed by Comrade Jeronimo de Sousa, besides the always enriching exchange of information and experiences, is inserted in this cooperation reinforcement and internationalist solidarity of the communists and all the anti-imperialist forces.

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