Thursday, August 19, 2010

Czech Republic a US satelite state

The Communist Youth Union (KSM) sharply rejects the intention of the Czech Republic’s government to place on our territory a US early-warning system component – a centre collecting and processing information data of the system.

After approximately 70% of the citizens rejected the governmental intention to place another component of the mentioned system – a US military radar - in the Czech Republic and after 200 000 of them expressed their resistance with their signatures under the petition of the KSM and with dozens of thousands of signatures under the petitions of other initiatives, it comes up to day that the governments of the Czech Republic behind the public’s back continued the secret negotiations on the placement of the US military facility on our territory. The ruling forces have an intention to carry out this important act without any expression of the will by the people and without discussion in the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Any cover-up considerations on the eventually possible interconnection with NATO are completely without merits and misleading. It should be based on a bilateral agreement between the US and Czech governments. Arguing with possible formal interconnection of the facility with the NATO that acts as an instrument of the US aggressive policies changes absolutely nothing in the whole affair and is designed to cover its essence.

The right-wing parties as well as the Czech social democratic party demonstrate with their pro-US servile and yea-saying attitudes whom they serve. They perform as a gearing-lever implementing the interests of the imperialist structures – of the government of the USA, of its criminal instrument NATO as well as of the EU. It is the domestic and foreign capital and not the working people who posses a real power in our country and who during the capitalist economic crisis on one hand further sharpens the class struggle against the working and unemployed people through the painful cutting of their social and legal position and who simultaneously bears its deal of responsibility for the policy of aggressions and occupations with deployment of the Czech army mercenaries and military equipment especially in the occupied Kosovo and Afghanistan on the other hand.

The Communist Youth Union (KSM) carries on its struggle against the placement of the US military facility on our territory and for leading out our country from the imperialist horse-collar of USA, NATO and EU.

Communist Youth Union (KSM)

Prague, 3rd August 2010

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