Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tyrant has fallen down and its only the power of the people who could achieve it!

The Tyrant has fallen down and its only the power of the people who could achieve it!

It is a great historical moment of pride and dignity, of enthusiasm and persistence. It is the time when the people rose up for their inalienable rights, when they fought, revolted and won.

The great Egyptian people have achieved a big victory that can reshape the future of their country and also of the region. After 30 years of tyranny from the Mubarak regime, the puppet of imperialism in the region that worked day and night to protect the interests of USA and Israel in the region was ousted by the people, even if, in total show of hypocrisy, now all the former supporters of Mubarak regime come to the media to salute the achievements of the Egyptian people by overthrowing their ally of yesterday.

In this regard, WFDY highly praises the victory of the people and their organization, and expresses its solidarity with all the demands of the Egyptian people in constitutional amendments, dismantling the parliament and electing a new one and organizing new, free and open presidential elections open for the people to have their choices. WFDY also supports the demands calling for restoring the civil system as soon as possible accompanied by the constitutional amendments and
political reforms.

WFDY calls for the continuation of the struggle until the full achievement of all the rights of the Egyptian people, and also for making the Egyptian revolution as an example for all the youth of the region and the world that change is possible and that the power only lies in the hands of the masses.

The spirit of revolution is spreading in the region, after Tunisia came Egypt and after Egypt the people will continue the struggle for further victories.

Let’s reinforce the struggle and continue the way!

Let’s fight for a democratic progressive Middle East fighting against imperialism!

Let’s support the Egyptian youth and people!

Budapest, February 11, 2011

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