Friday, March 11, 2011

Cp Norway

Excellent statment by the CP of Norway on the counter-revolution that occured in the USSR, see full statamenr on marxism-leninism today website below

Written by CP Norway
Declaration of the Communist Party of Norway from its 27th National Congress

The great Socialist October revolution of 1917 introduced a new phase of the development of human civilization. For the first time in history, the conditions were created for the abolition of class society, which until then had based its existence on the exploitation of man by man.

As the capitalist conditions of production developed in feudalism, the working class was facing a completely different challenge, where it had to develop its own conditions and means of production. The subjective consciousness of mankind gained a greater significance than ever before in history. The construction of socialism on the on the way to the classless society – Communism – has therefore, of necessity, not been able to follow a straight path, but has always depended on corrections. This raises great demands on the ability of the party, the working class and the vanguard to be open about ones own mistakes, and the capacity for criticism and self-criticism.

Shortly after the Socialist October revolution, specific historical conditions forced the new Socialist state...

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