Monday, May 2, 2011

WFTU May Day Press Release


Shameless capitalists!
Worker of the world,

You have nothing in common with the capitalists!

While you are feeling anxious whether you will still have a job until the next morning (since more than 2.5 million people are unemployed in UK); while you are anxious whether your wages will last until the end of the month (since the UK national minimum daily wages reach £5.9); While you are suffering to raise your children; While you are experiencing the insecurity and the precariousness of the future, especially in case of an accident or a disease; While you are carrying of the burden of student loans and debts or other necessary expenses; While you are realizing that you may not afford some necessary holidays... They are dancing and celebrating with your sweat and hard labour.

Worker of the World,

You have nothing in common with the capitalists!

…nothing in common with the royal, the capitalists, the tycoons, the greedy, grimy bourgeoisie, the governments, the kings, the tyrants such as the dictator King of Swaziland and the Royals of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other dictators.
…nothing in common with those who support them: the IMF and the bureaucratic and the sold-out trade unionists.

They spent 50 million pounds; they are choosing fabrics and diamonds, they “trouble” themselves on the best hat, they eat dessert worth 100 euro per piece, they drink champagne and drive luxury cars… They spend 40 million pounds per year to “play blue-blooded”.

Worker, Working woman.

You have nothing in common with the capitalists!

Your world, the world of toil, is in conflict with theirs: with the world of exploitation, of barbarism, of shame. Their “fairy-tale” is built out of the toil of millions of workers who struggle for the survival.

Do not put up with them anymore! Rise up!

You belong on the side of the international working class, of the poor farmers, of the working youth, of the self-employed in the common struggle for the crushing of their rotten system.

You belong in the lines of the class-oriented trade union movement and the World Federation of Trade Unions in the struggle against the capitalist barbarism and exploitation.

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