Sunday, December 9, 2012

CPC and CPV Theoretical workshop

Communist Parties of Vietnam and Cuba share national development experiences in the new period

A Communist Party of Cuba (CPC) delegation led by Jose Ramon Balague Cabrera, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of its International Relations Department, paid a visit to Vietnam from November 5th to 6th 2012. With a Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) delegation led by Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly, they conducted the first Vietnam-Cuba joint theoretical workshop. The workshop was themed “The Communist Party leads the renewal process in Vietnam and updates of the socio-economic development model in Cuba: theoretical and practical issues”. The two delegations shared the view that renewal in Vietnam and updates of the socio-economic development model in Cuba are not temporary solutions but long-term strategic policies appropriate to each country’s specific conditions and aimed at liberating the forces of production, developing the socio-economy, and boosting socialist values in the new period. These momentous and complicated tasks require the resolution of numerous theoretical and practical issues in which the Communist Party’s correct leadership is a prerequisite and decisive factor for success. Workshop attendees focused on analyzing the role, content, and method of Party leadership in Vietnam’s renewal process and the updating of Cuba’s socio-economic development model, including Party leadership of the State, Party leadership in mass work, strengthening democracy within the Party, and building a stronger, more transparent Party. The two sides analyzed each other’s situation, emphasizing their experiences in renovating thought and practical policies and measures, and clarifying the difficulties and challenges on each country’s national development path. Delegates agreed on the principle-based requirements of unwavering protection and creative application and development of Marxist-Leninist theory in accordance with each country’s specific conditions, and that efforts should be made to renew and enhance each Party’s leadership strength, consolidate its revolutionary nature, advance the close relationship between the Party and the People, and boost solidarity, cooperation, and experience sharing between the two Parties to benefit the people and build socialism in Vietnam and Cuba. Vietnam’s renewal process and updates of the socio-economic development model in Cuba are major innovations by the Communist Party to find a new path of the transitional period of building socialism. The new situation requires the resolution of theoretical and practical problems which are unprecedented, especially in the current global context. The Parties leading Vietnam and Cuba, who share the goal of building socialism, consider the sharing of ideas and experience vital to helping each other succeed in this transition. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and Jose Ramon Balague Cabrera praised this first joint theoretical workshop, insisting that it is not just useful but essential for theorists and realists from both Parties to share the theoretical issues of socialism building and discuss specific problems arising from the situation in each country. Sustaining the outcomes of this workshop will contribute to the continued improvement of socialism in both countries and deepen the fine relationship between the two countries and their Parties.

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