Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free George Abdallah - 29 years in French Prisons

George Abdallah, a Lebanese Communist militant, who fought for the Palestinian cause believing in the right of the Palestinian in Liberation. Detained in the French prisons for 29 years.

29 years in French prisons, George Abdallah a Lebanese Communist militant was held captive in 1984 by the French authorities, for his struggle in the Palestinian cause. Releasable since 1999 the French authorities, under American – Zionist pressure, still refuse to release him.

George Abdallah was one of the thousands militants who believed in the right of liberation of Palestine from the Israeli occupation. Influenced by the rise of the Lebanese patriotic resistance, and after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Abdallah believed in resistance towards peoples’ freedom and liberation from colonization.

In November 2012, after 14 years of arbitrary detention the French Appeal court issued the release of Abdallah, under the condition of departing to Lebanon as soon as liberated. However, the French minister of Interior Affairs refused to sign the release, following the latest statements and pressure from the United States condemning the release of Abdallah.

The release was suspended twice, awaiting the signature of the French Minister of Interior Affairs. No definite reason of suspension was given. The imperialist intervention and American- Zionist influence on the French authorities prevent the ligament release of George Abdallah.

Similarly, to the thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian militants who are fighting against the occupation of Palestine; George Abdallah forms a threat on the imperialist interests of occupying Palestine by Israel.

However, George Abdallah is considered to be captive in the French prisons, since the ending of his sentence in 1999 and specially after the latest French court release issue.

Imperialistic countries, preaching about democracy, are the ones detaining Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, among others, captive without legitimate reason, for their own benefits. George Abdallah’s release became a judicial matter after the decision of the French court, though it was due 14 years ago.

WFDY calls for the immediate release of George Abdallah from the French prisons, demands the French authorities to commit to its judicial orders and perform the democracy they call for. We stand in solidarity with the struggle of Abdallah against imperialism and towards the freedom and liberation of the peoples.


February 13, 2013

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