Friday, July 26, 2013

Lebanese Communist Party on listing of Hezbollah

The Lebanese Communist Party condemns the European Union decision
And calls for rejecting it for being an attack on the national sovereignty
The Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) condemns the decision that has been taken by European Union (EU) which put on the blacklist what has named it “the military wing” of Hezbollah. This decision was taken to satisfy the will of the American imperialism and Israel. It ignores all the norms of relations with an independent and sovereign state, especially that the Lebanese president has addressed a letter, ahead of time, about the dangerousness of taking such decision on the stability peace in Lebanon.
LCP sees that this new abdication toward the dictates of USA and Israel comes with an old path which does not take into consideration neither the interests of the people of E.U nor the aspirations of Arab peoples toward liberation, independence and democratic change. Here we mention that the full support to the Zionist state of Israel which is obvious, not only in resolution 1701, and its negative consequences on the national resistance… while the enemy insisting on its occupation to Shebaa farms and Kfarshouba hills adding to that its daily aggressions on our territorial water and space.
On these bases the LCP calls the executive authority to reject this decision for being an attack on the national sovereignty and also calls for taking the necessary procedures to reply on these states which approved on this aggression.
Lebanese Communist Party
Political bureau

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