Monday, December 23, 2013

Statement on Ukraine


On 8th sacrilegious act of vandalism - under the guise of European values, while the crowd cheered of brutal extremists was destroyed the Lenin`s monument in the center of Kiev. 

World leading TV channels showed shocking footage how frenzy representatives fascist "Freedom" party headed by Oleg Tyagnibok broken monument, shouting at the same time that the next target will be the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. 

The so-called "opposition" in Ukraine has openly demands punishment of government officials, while virtually disrupted public order, starting in Kiev pogroms, built barricades, the center of the Ukrainian capital virtually paralyzed. 

At the same time, foreign ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Sweden, as well as some of the leading politicians of the European Union - do not hesitate to provoke further the intensity of the situation in Ukraine. Representatives of the European People's Party openly express approval of the situation in Ukraine. Many Ambassadors of the European Union in their comments express approval of overthrowing the government in Ukraine, breaking the immutable principle of non-interference of world diplomacy. Impossible to imagine a situation where the riots, such as in France or in Sweden - one of the politicians of other countries have expressed approval of the actions of aggressive crowd, the same way - it is impossible to imagine interference in the affairs of another state of the diplomatic corps. 

Tragic events in Ukraine are served under the guise of fighting for European values, but about what European values are we talking about, when in place of the demolished monument was the flag of the European Union, when there are calls for the physical destruction of the authorities in the name of European values. European values cannot be considered evidence of severe beatings aggressive crowd of hundreds of unarmed law enforcement officers under the Administration of the President of Ukraine, at the same time, many of law officers were seriously injured. 

We believe that the actions of the so-called "opposition" and fascist party "Freedom", which destroy monuments, committing massive provocation against law enforcement officials and public servants, numerous seizures of state institutions in Kiev - in no way can be European values. 

Unfortunately, pro-Western media only show only part of the truth, in fact, real of December, 2013 the entire civilized world has witnessed the events from a neutral point of view are silenced. European public is brought to the knowledge that, ostensibly, "the entire Ukrainian people defended for the European choice", but in fact there is a substitution of concepts, and instead of European rhetoric in Ukraine is carried out a coup d'etat. 

I ask you to support the left forces in Ukraine. The current situation in Ukraine is a continuation of a series of coups in the Arab world, but with European characteristics.
I ask you severely to condemn the "Freedom" party. 

I ask you to call to boycott by political elite all over the world as regards leaders  of "Freedom" party and deputies from the faction of "Freedom" in the Parliament of Ukraine. 

I ask you to call the World Community to sober assess of the real situation in Ukraine and to prevent further extremist and provocative actions of the so-called  "opposition" and "Freedom" party headed by Oleg Tyagnibok. 

I ask you to call all deputies in your National Parliaments of all level and officials who is a member of your party to support by all means the position of Communist party of Ukraine. 

About any your activity please inform the International Department of the CC of  Communist party of Ukraine, because we are going to inform Ukrainian society about  your position.
I sincerely believe in your support.

Yours faithfully

The First Secretary  of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine,
The Head of the deputy faction of the communists in Ukrainian Parliament, The Member of the Ukrainian permanent delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Petro Symonenko

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  1. The Zimbabwe Communist League gives its unqualified solidarity to the People of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Government and the Communist Party of the Ukraine against the fascist assault backed by the EU including pseudo-neutral Sweden. Here in Africa we can never forget that the Swedish 'hero' Dag Hammarskjold as Secretary-General of the UN was deeply involved in the foul murder of our beloved Comrade Patrice Lumumba. We cannot forget the recent murder of Comrade Muammar Gaddafi by NATO forces greedy for African oil. NATO is the true successor to Nazi Germany and the Axis so bravely resisted by the Ukrainian partisans during the Great Patriotic War and pushed back by the glorious Red Army. Long Live Ukraine! Forward to the revival of the Soviet Union! Death to Fascism!