Sunday, January 26, 2014

"State terrorism is NOT the key to achieve peace": FARC

End of nineteenth round of peace talks between FARC-EP and government

The FARC-EP presented five sub-points of their third minimum proposal: Recognition and encouragement of alternative uses of the coca, poppy and marijuana crops.

In the last weeks, the guerrilla movement has launched many proposals in order to find a solution to the problem of drug-trafficking in Colombia, which, it claims, requieres a comprehensive solution with social investment. This morning, they highlighted another aspect of the issue: the dietary, nutritional, medicinal, therapeutic, artisanal, industrial and cultural uses of the coca, poppy and marijuana crops. These, explained Andrés París, one of its spokesmen, should be recognized and even promoted.

The Peace Delegation also proposed a state regulation for the artisanal and industrial processing of these crops, in consultation with the producers and the peasant, indigenous and Afro-descendant communities. The guerrilla asked special protection of the ancient practices of communities and indigenous peoples, recognizing the cultural value of the coca plant. Therefore, they proposed to create a coca research center.

Read whole communique: Recognition and encouragement of alternative uses of the coca, poppy and marijuana crops: 5 sub-points

At 11 o'clock, head of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP, Iván Márquez, read a press release, as they usually do at the end of each round.

The document is a reply to an article released by government chief negotiator Humberto De La Calle. The FARC-EP clarified that it is not at the Peace Talks as a result of military pressure, but because peace is -and has always been- a strategic goal of the insurgency.

Furthermore, Iván Márquez underlined that people still belief that there is a democracy in Colombia and that representatives of the establishment are its defenders, which is completely false. He explained that what really exists in Colombia is called state terrorism, and therefore the FARC proposes to strengthen popular political participation and establish true democracy.

FARC also critized persecution, criminalization and death of many popular and opposition leaders while the peace talks are being held, which, according to the guerrilla, showed the "fragility of the guarantees for Political Participation they have offered us". Read whole communique Myths of the peace process: FARC

Guerrilla and government finished the nineteenth round of dialogues, and are in the middle of the discussion on the fourth item on the agenda, "Solution to the problem of illicit drugs". This is the third item being discussed at the Table, for the delegations decided to postpone the third item: "End of the conflict". eading role in the construction of peace, as we have asked for.

Peace Delegation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army

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