Saturday, October 11, 2014

The AKP, IS and imperialism must be stopped!

Declaration of the communists on Kobanê, IS, and imperialism

The Communist Party of Turkey strongly condemns the policy that aims at keeping the threat of massacre alive over the Kurdish people in Kobanê, the civilian and official fascist attacks against solidarity demonstrations in several cities of Turkey, and the imperialist assault carried out by using IS, the “Free Syrian Army,” and other similar terrorist organisations. We call on our people to raise the following demands against this blood game staged by the AKP [Justice and Development Party] government together with the United States and other reactionary forces.
     1. The hostile policies adopted against Syria must be ceased.
     2. All kinds of assistance given to those forces of “opposition” in Syria must be stopped immediately.
     3. The present situation, which is a violation of the sovereign rights of Syria and paves the way for IS, must be terminated.
     4. In the context of the struggle against IS, the “Free Syrian Army,” and similar organisations, the world must collaborate with the Syrian government. The plans and demands for excluding Damascus from the struggle against IS must be abandoned.
     5. All demands of the Ankara government that are targeting the sovereignty of Syria (including forming security and no-flight zones in Syria and supplying training and equipment to the so-called moderate opposition) must be withdrawn. The governments must be forced to retreat from being partners of an international coalition, that has been formed in reality not against IS but against Syria.
     6. The volunteers who want to cross the border into Kobanê must be allowed.
     7. Plans to carry out cross-border military incursions must be abandoned.
     8. The curfews declared in six cities of Turkey today [8 October] must be revoked.
     9. Investigation must begin against the aggressors who caused the death of protesters in the demonstrations held in several cities.
     10. The reactionary educational practices that help IS and similar organisations in recruiting people and gaining a social support base must be abandoned.
     11. The reactionary religious organisations that function as a support base for IS and similar terrorist organisations must be dissolved.

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