Thursday, November 20, 2014

Peaceful, Organised and Militant - CYM Statement

Its unfortunate that when a vast majority of people are so determined to see this Right 2 Water campaign being a peaceful, organised, militant and dignified stance against the privatisation and commodification of water that some elements will use alternative ways to show their anger.

This past weekend has shown how strong an enemy we are up against. All it takes is one or two incidents for the media and the spin doctors to go into high gear and with all their might try and smear this legitimate campaign.

The CYM believe that now more than ever discipline must be maintained at all demonstrations and those that want to provoke more destructive courses should be met with a peaceful resistance to their methods.

The State and the media are in a weakened position and they are reduced to blowing out of all proportion minor events and stunts that are inevitable in the current political climate. We must not give them the fodder in which they can use to load their weapons.

The CYM can understand the anger of many people, but this is a time for clear thinking and clear strategies. We owe it to the thousands and thousands of youth that have left this country and the many thousands more living in poverty and in debt.

People have taken 6 endless years of austerity and for some they are at breaking point. When our Government politicians peer out of their castles to 'walk among the ordinary folk' and are shocked by how negatively people react to them, they like a scared child run to their protectorate and with the loudest speaker vilify the very same people whom they have impoverished. The government, the state and the media are so out of touch with the material reality of millions of Irish people, that they may want to continue the 'End of Austerity' fairytale, but clearly ordinary working people are ready to end the nightmare. All power to the people."

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