Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Communists of Catalonia, 2015 municipal elections results

The results of today’s municipal elections show a point of inflection in the political evolution in our country. The significant triumph of the “Unitat Popular” groups in the main cities opens a new horizon of possibilities for the Working class and the rest of popular classes that conform the immense majority of the citizenship. For the upcoming period, the communists have a clear strategy to develop from this moment: Unitat Popular.

Communists of Catalonia (Comunistes de Catalunya) consider us participants of the unitary process that has made possible the progress of the popular candicies. Fruit of a long and fertile debate, we have bet for the Unitat Popular in all those municipalities where it has been possible, but we have never abandoned our commitment towards Esquerra Unida i Alternativa and the coalition with Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds, from which we have accumulated a rich and valuable experience.

Results review

Communists of Catalonia celebrate the excellent results of the Barcelona en Comú candidacy, led by Ada Colau, in which we have taken part actively. Likewise we celebrate the entry of our comrade and number ten of the Barcelona en Comú list Mercedes Vidal to the consistory. We also celebrate the excellent results of the unitary candidatures formed by Unitat pel Canvi in Sabadell, Canviem Mollet, Terrassa en Comú, Movem Castelldefels, and so many other initiatives for the change. We are satisfied by the results of Canviem L'H, conformed by ICV-EUiA and Pirates de Catalunya. We congratulate ourselves aswell for Guanyem Badalona en Comú excellent results, where militants of from Communists of Catalonia take part.

Communists of Catalonia celebrate the good global results of the ICV-EUiA coalition. It has been the most voted candidature again in Montornès del Vallès, Esplugues del Llobregat and in Prat de Llobregat; and it has had some very significant results in municipalities like Sant Boi del Llobregat or Montcada i Reixac. We congratulate ourselves for the overall good results obtained by the coalition in the municipalities with most population in Catalunya, although we value critically the results obtained in some municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, where we have a big task to do.

Likewise, we are glad for the results obtained by popular candidatures of all over the State like Ahora Madrid, sample of the generalized change of trend that lives the society as a consequence of the decadence of the regime of the 2nd Borbonic Restoration.

Globally, Comunistes de Catalunya value very positively the progress of the left political strengths who want to break with our regime and who will not fail to remark that the best results have been obtained where we have had a united popular candidature. We consider that these results give us the deserved support, to all those people who have defended the Popular Unit in front of the reactionary strengths as the only exit for the definitive demolition of the 78’s regime.

A Call to Popular Unity

For us communists, the conditions are given for a big alliance of the popular classes around a single candidature to finish the regime at the next elections for the Generalitat de Catalunya (which CiU will most probably delay) and for the next general elections in the Spanish State, scheduled for this autumn. This candidatures will only be useful if they are the expression of the organized Working class and of those avant-garde sectors among the popular classes, provided aswell that they come accompanied by sociopolítical movement of confluence from the base, which is backed up by class unions and the social movements.

That's why Comunistes de Catalunya are begining to work for the Popular Unit and we make a call to all the left strengths and to the base militant people to build together a new social majority. A new majority which need to be as wide as possible, both in Catalonia and in the State, and which must aim at getting the maximum strength from the left wing around a commitment to break with the regime of the 78. A new majority built around a common political program, ambitious in the social plan and in the national one, and that has to have as a priority the development of a citizen rescue plan that give answers to the important social crisis that we are living. A new majority which must allow the development of a Constituent Process of the Catalan Republic and a Constituent Process of a new federal reality, both within the Spanish State and Europe. A new majority that must set the bases of a Democratic Revolution.

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