Friday, March 12, 2010

We reject the lies against Cuba!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has been closely following the intense campaign of blackmailing and defamation, particularly in Spain and Miami, against the Cuban Revolution, following the regrettable death of a person with a long history of criminal record now presented as political dissident. The evidences show clearly that it was just mercenary in the pay roll of the Cuban-american mafia, that finances its mercenaries to build an internal opposition.

The Cuban Revolution, under the guidance of the commander Fidel Castro, is today, more than ever, a great example to all the youngsters of the world, for its example of dignity and its firm determination to build a free and fair society. It has been victim of a long list of attacks that have brought death to thousands of civilian Cubans and has made a big damage onto the Cuban economy, particularly because of the blockade imposed by the USA. It’s disgusting how the international monopolies of information, specially in Spain and Miami, have manipulated this information, put Cuba in the bench of accused, not knowing the reality, and not recognizing the years of attempts to disrupt the Cuban society.

We are sure that no dirty political manoeuver as the one going on today will bend the struggling spirit of the heroic people of Cuba, specially its youngsters that guided by the example of the Cuban Five Heroes unfairly imprisoned in the USA are now preparing their 9th Congress, out of which we are sure they will come out stronger. USA and Spain have no morale to say anything against Cuba in terms of human rights.

WFDY, on behalf of all its member and friend organizations and all the progressive youth of the world, vehemently condemns the unfair aggression and manipulation of the truth against Cuba. We reject any kind of measure of condemnation that may be taken against Cuba, particularly the European Union Parliament.

We demand respect from all those that today manipulate the truth towards the heroic people of Cuba, its history, principles and a clean face in terms of human rights of all the Cuban people. We call upon all youngsters of the world to show in all possible places our solidarity towards the Cuban people, not letting anyone be deceived by the manipulating lies against Cuba.

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  1. European media dammed as co conspirators in covering up actions supposedly taken on our behalf. Use this link to find out from radio havana Cuba the spanish CP Gen Sec. opposing what the EU parliament has done. Makes you wonder what de rossa is doing out there in brussels