Monday, March 1, 2010

WFDY Solidarity with Chile

Solidarity with Chile

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received with pain the news about the earthquake in Chile in which there are already more than 300 confirmed mortal victims, and nearly eight thousand harmed – being this the biggest catastrophe felt in the country over the last 30 years – which brings desperation to the Chilean people, particularly the poorest.

The succession of climate events, earthquakes and the reckless and selfish action of the capitalist
system against environment, confirm the need to struggle to preserve mankind and protect those with fewer resources as they are the main victims of all these happennings.

WFDY, now preparing the XVII World Festival of Youth and Students for next December, on behalf of its member and friend organizations and all the progressive youth of this world, its most sincere condolences to all the Chilean people and youth, particularly the poorest, in this tough moments that they are living, reaffirming its will to help in all that is necessary and calling upon all young progressive people to express its solidarity towards the people of Salvador Allende, Gladys Marin and thoushands of disappeared during the military dictatorship of Pinochet.

Budapest, February 28, 2010

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