Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anti-Communism in Catalonia

Dear comrades:

From CJC want to denounce a new case of represion against the comunists in Spain.

While we are waiting for the resolution of the trial againts the three comrades of CJC/PCPE of Barcelona, the represive forces are not relaxed, and now strikes with arbitral arrests against the comrades Ivan and Vanesa of the PCPE in Asturias.

Comrades this represion is not casuality, its the answer of a system who don´t have nothing to offer to a more and more angry people, and who have fear that under the direcction of the revolutionaries have force to demand their own rigths.

We need to make the most difusion as possible of this case and all the international solidarity, to struggle against this case of repression.

We will send you the statement translated in english as soon as posible.

revolutionary greetings!

Commission of International Relations of CJC.

Yes there is future for the youth, and it is built by fighting!!

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