Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Repudiate the Debt Kilkenny

Hope and Defiance11th - 19th June

Kilkenny Repudiates
As part of the week of action of Hope and Defiance. A group of people will be collecting signatures calling for a referendum on the debt and handing out leaflets in Kilkenny, Saturday, June18th. between 11am. and 2 pm. The Tholsel, High Street, Kilkenny.
If you are in the city or live nearby drop along and give a hand out.

Follow Kilkenny's lead.Come on follow their example and organise your own event no matter how small. Get a couple of friends to help organise a few people and have a picnic during next week and plan for something bigger next month. The more events the better. Its all about consciousness raising.

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