Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CYM Statement on Syria

Statement by Connolly Youth Movement on Syria
It has been clear since the outset of the violence in Syria that the Syrian people have been victims of a Western-backed attempt at regime change. The US, Britain, the EU, and NATO are once again backing terrorists and religious fundamentalists to ensure the outcome they’ve explicitly desired for so long; the downfall of President Al-Assad. The bloodshed which has ensued in Syria is a direct consequence of these actions against the Syrian people.
Syria is now in the midst of a full blown Civil war with one side clearly sponsored by external forces. Her people have watched as their country has become a battlefield for Islamic fundamentalists and religious sectraianism where once peaceful coexistence and toleration existed. The groups battling in Syria who are referring to themselves as “rebels”have direct links to terrorist cells in Iraq, Jordan and several other countries in that region. They have been responsible for atrocious terrorist acts and sectarian killing.
The United States has selected Syria as the latest target in its expansionist policy in that region. The US government has looked to cement their influence in the Middle East following interventions in both Egypt and Libya. Syria is located in an important position both economically and militarily for the US. The desire to bring Syria under her influence has seen the US back terrorists, and torpedo any options that existed for a peaceful conclusion of this conflict. The Russian Federation and China have both sought on numerous occasions a swift conclusion to hostilities; all efforts though have been vetoed by the United States and her allies in the UN.
Britain and France have backed up the United States have continued the work they carried out in Libya. Libya is still in a state of war and these states have similar plans for Syria. Both nations still occupy vast expanses of the globe as imperial occupiers, and both have imperialist goals for Syria and other areas of the Middle East.
Turkey and the theocratic Saudi Arabia have also supported mercenaries in Syria. They have given these killers their backing against the progressive government of President Al-Assad. The victory of the Syrian opposition would no doubt see the conversion of Syria, a progressive state, into a religious dictatorship like that in place in Saudi Arabia. The Zionist state of Israel has also backed the forces of reaction in Syria and it is worth remembers that Israel continues to illegally occupy the Golan Heights, land internationally recognised as Syrian territory.
The Syrian people are the primary victims of this savage war. This stop off on the US’s plan of world dominance will no doubt leave countless more dead. The Connolly Youth Movement strongly condemns this war-pig attitude. We also vehemently oppose this brutal war against the Syrian people and her government. We call for a peaceful conclusion of hostilities as a result of the peace agreement negotiated by the Syrian people themselves.
The CYM echoes calls made by the Communist Party of Ireland the following demands be met;
(1) respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Syrian state;
(2) an end to the arming and financing of terrorist groups;
(3) the ending of all sanctions against the Syrian people;
(4) that peace and national reconciliation be undertaken solely by the Syrian people themselves;
(5) an end to imperialist intervention in Syria.

Antoin Fletcher
CYM Gen. Sec.

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