Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Repudiate the debt protests at Dail

Yesterday people from the Repudiate The Debt campaign brought their ongoing protest to the steps of the Dáil where, after nearly two months of well paid holidays, the tanned faces of a motley crew made their way back to "work". They were met by a wall of noise from people who were determined to ensure that our message of Repudiate The Debt was heard. Minister Joan Burton may have tried to sneak past us but by-standers were interested in listening to what we had to say and most agreed with our core message. Even RTE Radio One 's Drivetime were engaged with us and broadcasted our message on the airwaves in the afternoon.

The debt is an odious debt, it is not the people's debt and we ask everyone to stand up and write to your local politician to tell them so.

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