Thursday, October 18, 2012

PAME Press Statement on Strike in Greece

Athens, October 18th, 2012

The Executive Secretariat of PAME salutes the thousands workers, men and women, unemployed, young, pensioners, who struggled in the workplaces for the success of the strike against the terrorization of the employers. The students and the interns who participated in a militant and massive way.

The selfemployed who closed down their shops and stood next to the workers, against the disorientation and the lies of the government which pretends that negotiates for the “benefit” of the workers and the people. All over Greece the demonstrations of PAME were magnificient.

This proves that the lines of the class movement are thickening. It proves that no force can lead it towards submission and subjugation.

This proves that the organisation within the workplaces is getting stronger and stronger. That day by day, more and more people are rallying with the people´s committees, especially in workers´ neighbourhoods.

This proves that the lines of the social alliance are strengthening, under the banners of PAME.
PAME calls the working class, the trade unions, to continue the struggle, the organisation in every work place, all around the country, with no stopping. We stay alert. We do not wait. We prepare our next steps. So as the brutal measures not to pass, so as to overthrow the antilabour policy, so as to get rid of the threat of bankruptcy, the chains of the monopolies and their power, the chains of the EU.

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