Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent KKE demos all over Greece

Yesterday, the 4th of October, in every corner of the country the party organizations of the KKE spread the message for the labour and people’s barrier to the storm of anti-people measures and the call for the people to support the bill proposed by the KKE, which demands the abolition of the memoranda and the loan agreements, together with the laws which accompany them. The communist men and women, supporters and friends of the KKE and KNE, thousands of workers and toiling people, with visits in the morning to workplaces, factories, companies, services and with demonstrations in the evening in 32 districts of Attica and 60 cities in Greece, stirred up the neighbourhoods, calling on the people to take matters into their own hands and demonstrate their strength. With organization everywhere and alliance with the KKE, to fight against the barbaric measures, laying solid foundations in the struggle for disengagement from the EU with people’s power and unilateral cancellation of the debt.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, participated in the rally organized by the KKE in Keratsini ( a working class district of Piraeus), from where she made the following statement: “The workers hold enormous strength in their hands and can in this phase hinder and block the new savage measures. If these measures are passed, the price will be very high. We must block them at all costs and in every way possible.”

In response to a journalist’s question regarding “Lagarde’s List”, related to Greeks who had transferred large sums of money in recent years before the crisis to foreign banks, and the discussion that has followed from this, Aleka Papariga noted : “The lists demonstrate the following: There are tax evaders, there are also the hypocrites and all those who want to foster the view amongst the people that the crisis was caused only by theft. Theft exists. The legal theft of the toil of the workers is what caused the crisis.”

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