Saturday, April 13, 2013

KKE Political Report to Congress

Below is the link to the KKE's comprehensive analysis presented to their 19th Congress.

We have reached this point after a 4-month long pre-congress process, with the completion of the assemblies of the PBOs (Party base Organizations) and the conferences of the Sectoral, Prefectural and Regional Committees.
The discussion was conducted in two rounds in the general assemblies of 98.5% of the PBOs. The participation of the party members was 77.8%, those absent with justifiable cause 14.9%, without justifiable cause 7.35%.
96.8% of the party members votes in favour of the Theses and draft Programme of the Party, 1.65% against, blank votes 1.55%.
97.3% of the party members votes for the draft Statutes in the PBOs, 1.21% against, blank votes 1.49%.
The results of the discussion in KNE are the following. 98.9% votes in favour, 1.1% votes against and blank votes.

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