Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Battle Groups of the European Empire

On July 1 for a six month period over 150 Irish soldiers are taking part
in a 3,000 strong German led EU Battlegroup that can be sent anywhere in the world  including Syria or Iran to take part in a war if the EU Council of Ministers decide to do so.

The PANA discussion document "The Battle Groups of the European Empire"  provides an analysis of how this happened and how the people of the different nations living in the emerging Empire need to work together to oppose it. 

Many still see the European Union as a civilian power which has little to do with war and armament. Yet, a “civilian power Europe” would not need any huge military apparatus; a world power Europe which, in case of need,
is ready to pursue its interests through violence, however, would. And it is actually almost impossible to close one’s
eyes to the militarization of the European Union which has been taking place for the past few years and which is virtually impossible to overlook. Still, it has been maintained again and again that the European Union would be a good thing, above all for those who would like to save money in the military sector. But by means of trite catchphrases such
as “efficiency enhancement“, “economies of scale“, and ”savings potential”, reality is being whitewashed. While social spending is in free fall in almost every country of the European Union, military budgets are left almost unscathed: In the year 2011, the Member States spent only unsignificantly less than in the previous years: $ 281 billion!

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