Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seven times more people currently fleeing austerity Ireland than communist Cuba per head of population.

If you thought things were tough in Ireland, you're right.  In so much as migration statistics represent the escape valve of a society, things are seven times worse in Ireland right now than in Cuba. This is the legacy of the troika's brand of austerity.
Based on the latest published US government statistics, in the year 2012, 32,820 people of Cuban extraction were granted residency in the USA, just 0.285% of the Cuban population.* 

In the year to April 2013, 89,000 Irish people emigrated to various countries, according the latest statistics published by the Central Statistics Office**.  This equates to 1.939% of the total Irish population.
Cuba has a population almost three times that of Ireland, 11.5M compared to 4.6M, indicating that economic migration from Ireland is currently running at SEVEN TIMES that of Cuba.  That is a statistic that you won’t see in the US or Irish media.
In 2009, the equivalent figures indicated a ratio of five times more people fleeing Ireland than Cuba, so things continue to get worse in Ireland (or better in Cuba).
But even these statistics don’t show the full picture. In an aggressive policy specifically designed to encourage illegal migration, all Cubans arriving in the USA through unofficial channels, otherwise known as "illegal aliens", are automatically (and uniquely) entitled to US residency when they arrive in the USA, there are no qualifying conditions.  They are granted a "green card" and a social support package which includes help in accessing public housing, healthcare and employment in the USA. 
No other nationals are granted similar support, as recent deportations back to Ireland from various US states can attest.  If similar inducements were on offer for Irish illegals in the USA, one wonders what the migration statistics for Ireland would be.
*US Office of Immigration Statistics:
**Central Statistics Office of Ireland:


CUBA: (32,820 residencies x 100) / 11,500,000 population = 0.285%
IRELAND: (89,000 migrants x 100) / 4,590,000 population = 1.939%
RATIO: 1.939 / 0.285 = 6.8 (or approx. 7 times)

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