Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), reiterates that the activation of fascist groups and the offensive by transnational media corporations against our country respond to the international interests of U.S. imperialism, which are permanently conspiring against the process of changes that the Venezuelan people are building .
The actions of those small groups, which do not legitimately represent the conglomerate of the opposition forces, are not of a democratic and popular character, and rather seek to drag our country into a situation of lawlessness through the riots , vandalism , intimidation and murder of innocent bystanders .
For this reason, PCV reaffirms its steadfast support to the national government led by President Nicolás Maduro in defense of the sovereignty, independence and self-determination of our people, and expresses its commitment to carry out any struggle in the streets and workplaces, if need be, in order to isolate, weaken and defeat the fascist conspiracy, and consolidate the foundations for the development and deepening of the revolution.
PCV calls for the building of the strongest unity of the people and working class in order to respond to the actions of the imperialist right wing, without any arrogance, hegemonic intentions, unilateral impositions or false unanimity, on the understanding that the real are objective conditions in our country that are favorable to the fascist adventure.
It is within this context that PCV has decided to participate and join in the call by President Maduro for mobilization on Tuesday, February 18th, for the signing of the oil workers labor agreement 2013-2015, despite our standing criticism to the conditions and contents of such agreement and the exclusion of several legally organized labor unions carried out by the leadership of FUTPV, all of which has been denounced at the Ministry of Labor without reply.
Our Party, which has been fighting alongside the Venezuelan people for almost 83 years, being a revolutionary, autonomous and critical organization with its own program and agenda, will continue fostering classist unions, strengthening the labor movement, defending the rights of workers on a class standing , and promoting a genuinely revolutionary political and organic unity of the people and working class in order to build a new correlation of forces able to open up the true path to Socialism.
Politburo of the Central Committee

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