Monday, February 24, 2014

Statement of the press office of the CC of the KKE about the developments in Ukraine

The bloody events in Kiev are linked to the intervention of the EU and the USA in the developments in Ukraine, are the result of the fierce competition of these powers with Russia over the control of the markets, raw materials and the country’s transport network. From this standpoint, the interventions of the EU and the USA in favour of the demonstrators of the opposition, who are allegedly fighting for “freedom” and “democracy”, for the accession of Ukraine to the EU, are extremely hypocritical . In reality, the EU and the USA support and utilize even armed fascist forces, which are active inside the Ukrainian opposition in order to promote their geopolitical goals in the Eurasia region.

Of course that attachment of Ukraine to the tank of contemporary capitalist Russia is not a solution for the people. The attempt to divide the Ukrainian people and to lead them to a bloodbath, with immeasurably tragic consequences for their country, so that they choose the one or the other inter-state capitalist union is entirely alien to the interests of the workers.

The KKE denounces the foreign interventions in the internal affairs of Ukraine. It denounces the activity of fascist forces, anti-communism and acts of vandalism against the Lenin monument and other Soviet monuments. 

We express our solidarity with the communists and the working people of Ukraine and the conviction that they must organize their independent struggle with their interests as the criterion and not with the criterion of the imperialist which is chosen by the one or the other section of the Ukrainian plutocracy. They must chart the path for socialism, which is the only alternative solution to the impasses of the capitalist development path.

The peoples, particularly of the countries of the former USSR, lived with peace and prosperity in the years of socialism. For this reason, in any case, the majority of the population fondly recalls socialism, despite the fact that over 20 years have passed and the younger generations have not experienced its achievements.

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