Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Collective bargaining? Me thinks not.

In response to yesterday’s press statement by the minister for jobs, enterprise, and innovation, Richard Bruton TD, on legislating for reform of the Industrial Relations Act (2001), the CPI candidate in Clondalkin, Paul Doran, commented: “What the minister has outlined in his press release is worse than the present situation for workers wishing to organise in a union.

    “The minister’s proposals would legislate for recognition by employers of in-house staff committees as meeting their consultation and collective bargaining obligations. What the minister is proposing will not facilitate workers in organising in an independent trade union and having it recognised by their employer for collective bargaining.

    “The statement by the minister was quickly followed by statements from both the ICTU and SIPTU in support of the minister’s proposals. But in reality they say nothing more than what has already been stated. There are no heads of bills to review and no draft legislation. This is nothing more than an electoral stunt by the Labour Party before the local and EU elections. But we will not be fooled by this stunt.

    “The only fitting tribute to the men and women of 1913 is legislation that provides for the compulsory recognition of the trade union of choice for workers, for clearly defined and strong collective bargaining and that allows workers to organise and participate in their union free from fear, victimisation, or blacklisting. This legislation will not provide for this, and we will not be fooled.”

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