Saturday, May 10, 2014

Introducing the Communist Party

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  1. Great to see the CPI is holding a public meeting to introduce the party and its candidate for the local elections. I have read much of the literature of both the Irish Troika, FF-FG-Labour Party and what poses as the southern Ireland "Left". Compared with the low-level of politics in the majority of them, the CPI leaflet is like a breath of fresh air. No opportunistic concentrating on a minimal number of austerity issues while basically ignoring the other austerity issues such as the continuing run down of the health, education, social services, cuts in workers rights and pay AND completely turning a blind eye to the root cause of the austerity which is DEBT and in particular, the private banks bailout debt that is still lying on the shoulders of the mass of the people. No, the CPI almost alone puts repudiation of the debt front and centre as the means to lift the austerity off our backs and building an economy for the common good.