Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Privatisation in Malta

Privatisation of transport on the cards in Malta:

“The announcement made by the Minister of Transport that Autobuses de Leon will take over the running of Malta Public Transport is not in the national interest”, stated The Communist Party of Malta.

“Public Transport should remain under State control as it is an essential service for the public. Government should have avoided re-privitising public transport and instead work towards a reliable, affordable and efficient public service”.
“Through privatisation the Government will now have to make good for the company’s profits. Government should have kept control of the service and instead increased subsidies to make the service meet the expectations of the commuters”.
The Party said that“privatisation will lead to another political failure as the company will be after profits and not after an efficient and affordable public transport service”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
Victor Degiovanni
Communist Party of Malta

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