Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anniversary of the defeat of fascism - WFDY

On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Peoples’ Victory over Nazifascism

On the morning of May 9 of 1945, 65 years ago, mankind woke up free from nazifascism after the brave Soviet soldiers finally entered Berlin and defeated the hideous Nazi regime. Nevertheless, this victory could only be achieved after a war of suffering for all mankind and destruction of most of Europe, particularly the Eastern side, in which the troops of Nazi and Fascist regimes destroyed and killed all in its way until they were stopped.

On this 65th anniversary of the peoples’ victory against Nazifascism we remind the main actor of this victory that freed mankind: the people. It was the popular resistance organized against fascist imperialist offense that defeated fascism.

We remind particularly the contribution of the Soviet people, who had to face more than 2/3 of the battlefronts. It is upon that victory, essentially conquered by youngsters, that WFDY was built to ensure that the youth would never again live under fascism and would never have to face war again.

However, 65 years after the peoples’ victory over fascism the total freedom is still not here. As 65 years ago also today the dominant classes are using the crisis of capitalism to directly attack the workers’ rights, to promote xenophobia and racism against immigrants and to attack the freedom and democratic rights attempting to criminalize all those who struggle for an alternative to this obsolete capitalist system. It is remarkable how now, as in that period, the communists, anti-imperialist and progressive forces are always the firsts to be chased.

Nowadays the people of Palestine suffer the same slaughter, persecution and humiliation that Jews faced from the fascist regimes that chased them, enslaved them and killed them in their concentration camps that were not that different from the authentic ghettos that the blockade policy of Israel is spreading throughout the West Bank, as the siege done together with Egypt and USA to the Palestinian land of Gaza.

Even 65 years after the use of the nuclear bombs against people, following the limitless ambition of power of USA against a already surrendered Japan, the race for massive destruction, high technology and nuclear weapons continues and is lead by the USA, whose leading position as detainer of the biggest amount of nuclear weapons states for itself as a fact against all sorts of hypocrisies made by its administration.

On this occasion, WFDY calls upon all its member and friendly organizations to rally their efforts and spread throughout the world the criminal nature of the fascist regimes as upper stages of the not less criminal nature of imperialism and
capitalism. For the full recognition of the historical facts and its inclusion in school books, for the end of all sorts of discriminations and xenophobia, for freedom, democracy, social justice and peace, let us join our voices as one and stand up to conquer this world forever free of injustice, war, destruction, hunger and illness.

Never again fascism, never again war – let’s defeat imperialism!

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