Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Message of Solidarity to KKE from the CPI

Communist Party of Greece
Central Committee

Dear comrades,

May I, on behalf of Irish communists, express our sorrow at the loss of the lives of three workers in Athens on 5 May. We are in no doubt that the actions of a few self-serving elitist groups, and of those groups organised by the state itself, are all aimed at undermining and discrediting the tremendous struggle of the Greek working class.

We admire the tenacity and determination of your party and of PAME, and the militant spirit of the Greek workers. We wish to express our solidarity with all Greek workers and to show that not all Irish political parties, nor all Irish workers, accept the argument that workers must carry the burden of the crisis.

We will continue to do our best to convince and to mobilise workers to resist the attacks by capital and its political and media hired guns.

Ireland of the “Celtic Tiger” was prostituted and paraded around Europe and the world as an example of how an “open deregulated economy” was the best and indeed the only way forward. Now, as the crisis deepens, once again our country is being prostituted among the EU member-states and told to lie down and to allow our rights, terms and working conditions to be shredded in order to keep a small rich and powerful parasitic class in power and to support a grab for greater power and control by the EU Commission—the front for European monopoly capital.

Once again we Irish communists, and a significant section of the Irish working class, salute you and express our solidarity. It is better to die fighting on your feet than to live on your knees, cowed before corporate power.

For anti-imperialist unity,
Eugene McCartan,
General Secretary

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