Thursday, May 20, 2010

Huge rally of KKE in Athens on 15 May 2010

The Saturday’s rally unfolded to a thrilling march

The rally of KKE held on Saturday May 15 at Pedion Areos Square was a thrilling red river of people. The slogans and the atmosphere of the rally reflected the determination of the whole people to resist, struggle, defend their rights and pave a new way through their class struggles. From the very first moment the nationwide rally of the party established itself as one of the most massive demonstrations held in Athens over the last years.

The impact of the rally, the message of tens of thousands communists, supporters, friends of the party and KNE, of people who cooperate with the party, of mass organisations of the people’s movement, intellectuals and artists who came from every corner of the country will have a multiplied effect in the next days.

It will have a special impact on the moments of responsibility which are about to come; for the daily workers’ and people’s struggles, for the improvement of their organization; for the tireless work of KKE and KNE for the formation of the front, the other path of development, the people’s power and economy, socialism.

The long distance and the tiredness did not prevent the people to participate in the rally. The blocks were so huge that it took them more than one hour to gather in the place where the rally was held. “KKE does not sign a statement of repentance for imperialism”, “come with us there is a solution”, “the winner must be the people not the monopolies”, “organization, alliance, people’s power” were the main slogans of the rally.

The mass rally and the march of KKE were covered by the “902” radio and TV station. The Greek bourgeois media (except from the state TV channel) sought to bury the rally and the march of KKE. The radio station “SKAI” reported in the news a demonstration of 30 people in Thessaloniki while it did not say a word about the one 100.000 protesters in the rally of KKE providing monumental bourgeois “information”.

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