Thursday, November 22, 2012

CYM Statement on Gaza

Connolly Youth Movement

The Connolly Youth Movement condemns, in the strongest terms, the murderous
actions of the Israeli government, and her armed forces, in Gaza. This latest act of
gross aggression against the Palestinian people is an antagonism for which there
can be no justification.

The CYM condemns the horrific killing of women and children in Gaza and calls on
the Israeli army and air force to cease these lethal attacks on the people of Gaza.
The death toll stands at 130, and there are over 1,000 injured. These crimes against
humanity must stop.

Israel’s actions in Palestine are serving as a campaign to boost Benjamin
Netanyahu’s “hard man” image in the upcoming elections (January). This form of
sadistic electioneering must end, and the lives of Palestinians must no longer be
used as a method to win votes.

Israel’s imperialist actions in Gaza coincide with a wider campaign of imperialism
in the region. Israel, the US and other NATO countries are savagely imprinting their
will upon the people in this region. The removal of governments in the Middle East
and North Africa through imperial intervention, like in Libya and Egypt, and the
continued support by Western states for the terrorist rebels in Syria, displays the will
of nations like the US and Israel to re-broker power in the Middle East and North
Africa in their favour.

The CYM calls now on the Israeli government, and all units of its military, to
immediately cease their brutal actions against the people of Palestine. All air strikes,
drone strikes and naval bombardment must cease. Humanitarian aid and medical
equipment must be allowed to reach civilians caught in the crossfire of this horrific

The CYM supports the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people.

Antóin Fletcher
General Secretary

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