Sunday, November 18, 2012

Palestine under continuous attack

Palestine under continuous attack

With the new declaration of war from Israel against the Palestinian People, we are facing once again imperialism’s brutality: Israel is repeatedly proving its aggressive and violent ambitions against the Palestinian People.

An announcement of war on Gaza was declared on the 14

th of the month, by Israel. Gaza is bombarded and attacked again. Death and bombs are dealt to the Palestinian people and the imperialist allies of Israel are (as usual) covering up the crime with hypocritical statements.

In the perspective of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the recent attack is not something to be viewed separately from the continuous occupation of Palestine. Since 1948 the people of Palestine are fighting for their right of self determination. Until today, the Israel settlements are increasing, the repression and the deprivation of the Palestinians people’s right to leave freely with dignity is continuing.

The later attack just proves the Zionist intentions of Israel. It proves their willingness to give back what rightfully belongs to the Palestinian people. It proves their complete disrespect and violation to the many UN resolutions that call for ending the occupation.

However, now as always the Palestinian people are resisting the attack as the occupation itself. They are resisting the Zionist aggression, defending themselves against the attacks and bombing of their lands and houses. They are refusing their exploitation and usage as tools in the interests of the imperialist monopolies. From inside Palestine, from Gaza and West Bank, from refugee camps outside Palestine, and from all over the World where the anti-imperialist youth struggles we are all standing to face this imperialist attack. The Palestinians are resisting in every mean they can against the fascist acts of imperialism against their life, and development. All the anti-imperialist forces support their rightful struggle.

The exploitations and aggressions against the people are refused. The continuous occupation and war on Palestine is condemned. This war is not only against Palestine, it is against the voices of liberation and independence worldwide; against all the peoples resisting and fighting oppressions, poverty, injustice and exploitation performed by imperialism.

In solidarity with the resistance and fortitude of the Palestinian people; WFDY salutes the comrades and people of Palestine who are struggling towards freedom, and against the impositions of imperialism and Zionism.

WFDY with persistence calls for the immediate halt of the Zionist usurpation of the Palestinian land. We call for the ending of the Israeli occupation and for the realization of the legitimate right of Palestine to be recognized as a free and independent state within the boundaries existing before 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital, and as a full member state of United Nations. WFDY expresses also its solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners in the Israeli jails .WFDY reaffirms its solidarity with the Palestinian refugees and their legitimate right to return to their homeland.


Budapest, November 18, 2012

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