Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anti-Fasict AEK Fans

The goal celebration of the AEK football player, Giorgos Katidis, when he raised his outstretched right hand, reminiscent of a Nazi salute, has provoked intense reactions in Greece. The Press Office of the CC of the KKE, in its comment on the footballer’s Nazi salute, stresses that: “The behaviour of the AEK player and his Nazi salute provokes all the fans and the Greek people. It insults the memory of the millions of victims of Nazism, of the athletes who fought against Nazism in our country as well, who were even brought before the firing squads. It is important for this act to be denounced by the players of the team, by their colleagues across the whole spectrum of sports and above all that it be denounced by the fans of AEK and the other teams. The friends of AEK, with their historical memory of being refugees and being driven from their homes, as well as all fans, must isolate and cast out the fascist parasites, which act and use the rotten sports and the teams controlled by the big businessmen, in order to spread their Nazi poison.” The other political parties of the country also denounced this act, with the exception of Golden Dawn, which saluted this event, while after the reaction that was provoked the player stated that he regretted it and did not know what he had done etc. In their statement the organized fans of AEK denounced this act, noting amongst other things: “To give a fascist salute…. CANNOT BE FORGIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Our ancestors as well as our history of being refugees and our anti-fascist values … are turning in their graves! You are not much of a player and not much of a person in the final analysis! You are now unwanted and a marked man amongst us! Your tears do not convince us… neither do your excuses! The collaborators with the Nazis, the traitors and the servile, i.e. all those who saluted in the same way before you did, made the same excuses. History does not forget them! WE, THE GREAT FAMILY OF AEK, OF THE REFUGEES AND HUMAN VALUES, WILL NEVER FORGET!”

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