Thursday, June 27, 2013

General strike today in Portugal

The Political Committee of PCP’s Central Committee calls on the Portuguese workers and people for a great participation this Thursday, June 27th, in the General Strike, called by CGTP-IN and which gathers a growing and widespread support.

It is time to say Enough!

Enough of the right-wing policy carried out during the past 37 years which threw Portugal into decline Enough of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) policy and the Pact of Aggression, signed by PS, PSD and CDS, which daily worsens the country’s situation, increases exploitation of the workers, social regression and national decline, jeopardises the life of millions of Portuguese, the future of the country and of the new generations.

Enough of unemployment that hits more than a million and half workers and of the economic recession that deepens.

Enough of the drop of wages and other payments, of increasing precariousness, of easing of dismissals, including the attempt of dozens of redundancies in Public Administration, of increase in working time, of the increase in the retirement age, of new penalisations in social protection with less benefits in sick leave and unemployment, of an even greater cut in the amount of pensions and retirement pay.

Enough of measures directed against the workers, the pensioners and the population that affect the life of hundreds of thousands of families, ruin thousands of small and medium-sized companies, further sink the national economy.

Enough of privatisations, dismantling of the social functions of the State, in particular the National Health Service, Public Education and Social Security.

Enough of exploitation, corruption, cronyism, influence peddling, use of public money for personal enrichment and promiscuity between political and economic interests.

Enough of the right-wing policy, the Pact of Aggression, aimed at promoting only the interests of big national and transnational capital.

All that they are imposing aims to increase the profits of financial capital, plunder the national resources, while further sinking the country. The PSD/CDS government acts on the margin and against the Constitution of the Republic. There is no place for this government and policy. Every passing day becomes clearer the urgency to cut short this path of economic and social disaster. It is necessary and urgent to dismiss this government, calling early elections for the Assembly of the Republic, the rejection of the Pact of Aggression and the rupture with the right-wing policy. It is possible to materialise a patriotic and left-wing policy and government.

The General Strike, on June 27th, is an opportunity to say Enough. An affirmation of dignity and will to change.

An expression of the will and determination of all those who demand a decent future for themselves and for the future generations.

The Political Committee of PCP’s Central Committee makes a call to join the General Strike and make their voices heard, and to affirm with their determination that there is a country that does not yield, nor remains silent on the theft of wages and incomes, on the liquidation of social rights and injustice.

We call on everyone to make their voices heard, with their participation in the gatherings and demonstrations called by CGTP-IN all over the country, the demand for a better future.

For employment, wages, rights, collective bargaining, social security and public services.

Against exploitation and impoverishment.

For the resignation of the government, early elections, a change of policy, for Portugal with a future.

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