Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Irish establishment is bankrupt

   Speaking before a gathering of private corporate interests at an event organised by Enterprise Ireland and Achilles Group Ltd, Pat Rabbitte, the minister responsible for our natural resources, told the assembled corporate vultures that he looked positively on “recent development such as the Regional Seismic Survey and activity at Dún Chaoin.” He also said that these developments “augur well in terms of opportunities for Ireland and business opportunities for Irish suppliers, and for jobs and related spin-off benefits.”

     The minister supposedly responsible for protecting the interests of the Irish people first and foremost used the example of Norway as a country that has successfully used its offshore oil and gas resources, saying that the “long-term economic gains associated with the finds can be enormous.”

     He is not speaking about the Irish people but the Irish gombeen class, who are not only parasites on the Irish people but are also happy to live off the scraps thrown to them by transnational corporations.

     Yet when he speaks to the Irish people on matters regarding the potential of their natural resources he plays it down and says we do not have the financial resources to develop these resources ourselves. But we do have billions of euros for bailing out bankrupt banks and foreign financial interests. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, but in reality the Irish establishment always comes down on the side of the speculators, such as Tony O’Reilly and global monopoly oil corporations.

     Once again the economic, social and cultural development of the present and future generations of Irish people fall well down the list of political priorities compared with those of his imperial masters. The Irish establishment always puts the Irish people last.

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