Monday, June 3, 2013

TKP calls on Government to resign

Government, Resign!

The retreat of the police forces from the Taksim square where the people have been resisting  for days can be considered neither as an indicator of the government's goodwill nor can it be seen as a festival for us.

Our people beat the police terror. We shouldn't stop here. The officials that suffocated the entire city with tear gas, the police officers that continued to attack even while they were retreating from the square must be brought to account. Moreover, we should raise our struggle in order to call the government to account for all its actions and operations in the last 11 years. From this perspective, the slogan "Tayyip, resign!" chanting in all the streets of Turkey is not a meaningless or vain one.

This slogan is the voice of the people resisting police brutality taking place everywhere in Turkey, but especially in Ankara.

This voice will debase the contradictory statements of the Government regarding the future of the Gezi Park in Taksim and will open a road to the emancipation of not only Taksim but our whole country.

Today a sea of people should fill the streets. The Communist Party of Turkey invites all the people from Istanbul to participate in the protests in Taksim and in the wide-ranging protests taking place in other cities.

The people that have risen up have to lay hold of the public enemies.

Communist Party of Turkey, Central Committee

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