Monday, August 26, 2013

Lockout Re-enactment and Commemoration

Below are the details of the State commemoration.

On August 31, 1913 Dubliners in O’Connell Street were baton charged by the police when Jim Larkin attempted to address them. Up to 600 people were seriously injured on what became known as Bloody Sunday.

As part of the centenary of commemorative events marking the 1913 Lockout there will be a major community led re-enactment of the events of that day.

This event is being organised by the 1913 Lockout Centenary committee, along with the Dublin Council of Trade Unions and the North Inner City Folklore Project.   Those wishing to join the re-enactment are encouraged to assemble at 11am on Saturday August 31 and follow the detailed guidelines given below for participants.

11am – Assembly at various locations as follows:

Dockers (men): Custom House
If coming as a docker, please wear dark trousers (not jeans or combats) with a belt or braces, collarless shirt with a muffler or handkerchief around the neck, dark waistcoat or jacket, hat or cap with dark shoes (no trainers).

Jacobs Workers (women): Rear of Central Bank
If coming as a Jacobs workers, please wear a dark ankle-length dress or skirt, a light coloured blouse and dark boots or flat shoes (no trainers). If possible please wear a dark coloured or straw hat.

Poor of Dublin (men, women and children): Gloucester Diamond
Men, women or children coming as the ‘poor of Dublin’ should wear old, torn or shabby clothes (see notes for men and women above) and very old shoes (no trainers)
The audience may wear any of the above, or any Edwardian costume (such as those worn on Bloomsday)

11.45 – Leave assembly points and proceed to O’Connell Street, gather at Clery’s and across the road.
12 noon – Assemble for State Commemoration
12.30pm – State Commemoration starts
1.30pm – Wreath laying ceremony at Larkin statue
1.45pm – Transition to Community Re-Enactment
2pm – Re-enactment of Bloody Sunday
2.30pm – Re-enactment participants move to Foley Street
3pm – Unveiling of plaque for those who died
3.30pm – Soup kitchen and fleadh in Foley Street.

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