Saturday, August 31, 2013

WFDY Statement on Syria


WFDY statement on the imperialist plans for military intervention in Syria

The World Federation of Democratic Youth highly condemns the imperialist military and political moves towards a direct military intervention to the sovereign state of Syria. WFDY re-affirms its position that we stand against any military or by other means intervention against the people of Syria.

With great concern we have witnessed the past couple of weeks a mobilization of the USA and their NATO allies, EU Britain, Turkey, Gulf countries etc to call upon an immediate and direct military intervention in Syria using the pretext of the well-orchestrated allegations about use of chemical weapons. The recent history has taught us very well how pretexts are easily fabricated or used to justify the modern crimes of imperialism.

The seed of war that the imperialists have planted in Syria will generate a serious of dangers for wider confrontations in the region of Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, dragging along all the peoples of the region. Already the war in Syria is reflected in Lebanon and the involvement of many other neighboring countries is more than possible.

More than two years have passed since the beginning of the intervention in Syria, by the imperialist powers, headed by the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and of course Israel. The ongoing intervention consists of supplying the opposition with weapons, money, and flooding the country with extremists. All this distorted and used the demands of the Syrian people for reform into an imperialist backed war, beneficial to the international monopolies through weakening the country. They drive the peoples in wars and death, while the natural resources and development of their countries are stolen. In order to weaken the roles and struggle of these countries against the greediness of the imperialist powers, the situation which we witnessed, even if in a different form, in Palestine, Lebanon, etc.

Now imperialism is ready to internationalize the bloodshed they started in Syria and the only answer of the anti-imperialist movement is: hands off Syria!

WFDY calls all the youth anti-imperialist movements around the world to unite their struggle with the popular and peace movements in their countries, demanding the immediate end of any aggression against Syria. Once again we clarify our position that the people of Syria and in the wider region can decide their own future, away from the imperialist mechanisms, in the service of the youth and the people.
Budapest, August 30, 2013


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