Sunday, March 9, 2014

Communist Youth Organisations on Ukraine

The developments in Ukraine are particularly crucial and dangerous, first of all for the people and the youth of the country, who are being transformed again into victims of the intense antagonisms between the USA-EU and Russia, for the control of markets, of natural resources and the transportation networks of the country.

The open intervention of the EU-USA-NATO, the utilization of  fascist groups and organizations which are the descendants of the SS and spread fascist and Nazi venom and anticommunism, the planned persecutions and banning of political parties primarily against the communists, and the racist laws that are being prepared against the Russian-speaking population and other minorities, all demonstrate the character of the developments, and uncover the lies about the “triumph of democracy in Ukraine”.

            The youth – especially in Europe – can now see more clearly the real face of the EU: it's a union of the capitalists and of the monopolies of Europe and serves their interests; that is why the EU is reactionary in its  nature. It is a union of military interventions, wars, support of the fascist groups, of anticommunism which is its official ideology. All those  cultivating the illusions that the EU can transform into a force of peace and stability in favor of the peoples, have a great responsibility here.  

The Communist Youth Organizations that sign this announcement:

Ø  Denounce the intervention of the EU-USA-NATO in the internal affairs of Ukraine, the direct support that they are providing to the armed fascist groups, the menaces of a foreign military intervention.

Ø  Express our solidarity with the Communists of Ukraine. We denounce the persecutions and the attempts to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine.


The young people of the working class and of the popular strata must not fall in the trap of nationalist dilemmas, in choosing a side in the antagonisms over who will exploit them. On the contrary, the youth have  an interest in organizing and struggling along with the working class, to open their own way: the way of the struggle in favor of our modern needs, so that the wealth remains in the hands of those who produce it, so that we rid ourselves from the imperialist unions and their antagonisms.  



1.    Communist Youth of Austria KJOe

2.    Union of Communist Youth Brazil UJC

3.    Communist Youth Avancando Brazil JCA

4.    YCL Britain

5.    Communist Youth of Bolivia JCB

6.    YCL Canada

7.    EDON Cyprus

8.    Young Socialists Croatia

9.    Young Communists of Denmark - Ungkommunisterne i Danmark

10. Communist Youth of Ecuador JCE

11. Movement of Young Communists France MJCF

12. Socialist German Worker Youth - SDAJ

13. YCL Georgia

14. Communist Youth of Greece KNE

15. Left Front Hungary – Baloldali Front

16. Young Communist Front of Italy FGC

17. Connolly Youth Movement Ireland

18. YCL Mexico – LJC Mexico

19. Young Communists of Norway – UngKom i Norges 

20. Paraguayan Communist Youth – JCP

21. Portuguese Communist Youth – JCP

22. RCYLb Russia – RKSMb

23. YCL Yugoslavia (Serbia) – SKOJ

24. Collectives of Young Communists, Spain – CJC

25. Union of Communist Youth of Spain - UJCE

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