Tuesday, March 11, 2014

He was a fearless leader of his union

Death of Bob Crow

The Communist Party of Ireland expresses it deepest sympathy to the family of Bob Crow and the members of the RMT. Bob was one of the most outstanding trade union and working class leaders of this generation.

He was a fearless leader of his union, shying away from the usual trappings of power and life style that far too many trade union leaders fall victim to.

He was a great friend of Irish workers and the cause of Irish unity. He was a frequent visitor to Ireland, especially to the annual Jim Connell Red Flag Festival, Crossakiel, Co Meath.

He stood out from most of the contemporary trade union leaders with his strong opposition to the European Union and imperialism. A strong supporter of Cuba and Venezuela. He followed in and filled the footsteps of the giants of the workers movement in Britain and in particular of the railway workers.
A passionate, principled and modest workers' leader. He led from the front, challenging those who wish to limit the vision and destiny of the British working class.

Eugene Mc Cartan
General Secretary

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